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No gap specialist partners for hospital procedures

Heading to hospital can be daunting enough without the prospect of unexpected bills. That’s why we have special agreements with providers in select locations across Australia to reduce your out of pocket costs when you go to hospital. These arrangements are for certain procedures and available to Australian residents only.

These no gap services can be accessed if the procedure or treatment is included in your policy (and you've served any waiting periods). The only cost will be your Hospital excess, if you have one.

nib Clinical partners

No gap hip and knee replacement

Did you know that the average hip or knee replacement costs around $25,000? Our Clinical Partners program offers members access to a network of experienced orthopaedic surgeons, who won’t charge you any extra costs. Providing your hospital cover includes total hip and knee joint replacement surgery, you will only pay the hospital excess for your procedure.

If your surgeon thinks you’re eligible, you can also recover in the comfort of your home through our Rehab at Home service, with experienced physiotherapists and other allied health professionals coming to you.

The Clinical Partners program is currently only available in NSW and QLD, with more locations coming soon.

Search our network of Clinical Partners here.

No gap cardiac specialists


Available: see locations across Australia on the GenesisCare website.

If you require heart surgery, we have an arrangement with GenesisCare to reduce your out of pocket expenses.

By selecting a GenesisCare practitioner for your heart surgery, you may have a reduction in out of pocket expenses for their portion of your surgery costs. Do check the fees for your anaesthetist and assistant surgeon before you book surgery as they are not a part of this arrangement and could charge you an out of pocket cost.

GapSure Anaesthetists

Anaesthetics No Gap and Known Gap

nib's GapSure Anaesthetists network guarantees a No Gap or Known Gap up to $500 for anaesthetic services to help limit your out of pocket costs. Ask your specialist if they can work with an anaesthetist who is part of our GapSure network, or use our Find a Provider tool to find a GapSure Anaesthetist.

Our network of GapSure Anaesthetists is expanding.

For more information

To find participating providers or for more information on any of these programs, call or email the Honeysuckle Health Clinical Partners Facilitators.

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