nib privacy policy

Statement of Commitment

Your privacy is important. nib is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information we collect. nib complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and applicable health records laws. This privacy policy explains how nib may collect, use, disclose and otherwise handle personal information.

About this document

This Policy applies to nib holdings limited ABN 51 125 633 856 (nib holdings) and nib health funds limited ABN 83 000 124 381 (nib health) and their related bodies corporate (together referred to in this document as nib).

nib holdings limited is a company listed on the Australian stock exchange. nib health funds limited is an Australian private health insurance company registered under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 which provides private health insurance products, including overseas visitors health cover (OVHC) and overseas students health cover (OSHC).

Other subsidiaries of nib holdings include:

  • IMAN Australian Health Plans Pty Ltd ABN 34 144 907 746 (IMAN) which provides overseas visitors health cover (OVHC) underwritten by nib health funds limited (for which a separate privacy policy is available at
  • nib Options Pty Ltd ABN 19 165 089 207 (nib Options) which provides facilitation and coordination services for domestic and international medical and dental treatment, flights and accommodation (for which a separate privacy policy is available at
  • nib nz holdings limited and its subsidiaries, which are companies incorporated and registered in New Zealand and do not operate in Australia

Whitecoat (an online medical sourcing and comparator service) is owned and operated by Digital Health Ventures Pty Ltd ABN 96 601 152 130, a company in which nib holdings has a controlling interest. A separate privacy policy is available at

What is personal information

Personal information means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable from the information, whether the information or opinion is true or not and whether it is recorded in a material form or not.

Sensitive information is a subset of personal information which is generally afforded a higher level of protection. It includes your health information, genetic information, biometric information, as well as information about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of political, professional or trade associations, or trade unions, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or practices, and criminal record.

For the purposes of this privacy policy, any references to personal information include sensitive information.

Why does nib collect my personal information?

We collect personal information primarily to enable us to provide health benefits and related services. nib may also use this information for marketing to you or for any other purpose permitted under the Privacy Act (Cth). You do not have to identify yourself when you deal with us (e.g. to obtain a quote). However, we will in certain situations need to only deal with individuals who have identified themselves to us. Also, if the information provided to us is not accurate or complete, we may not be able to provide an accurate quote, or provide benefits for the requested health or related services.

What personal information does nib collect?

The personal information nib collects and holds will depend on whether you are a customer or policy holder or a provider or shareholder or job applicant and which services you have used. Information that we collect about customers may include:

  • name, address, phone number and other contact details
  • family and marital status, date of birth and gender
  • bank account, credit card and other payment details
  • financial Institution account details
  • current or past details of private health insurance including level of cover
  • claim details (which may include some health information)
  • Federal Government Rebate registration details
  • government related identifiers such as your Medicare number and Australian Tax Office file number
  • pension / health care card numbers
  • employment details
  • sensitive information, such as your health records, medical history and claims and health services provided to you

When you visit this website, your usage information is tracked using cookies and analysed by an analytics and optimisation service. The information collected may include:

  • your server address
  • your domain name
  • the date and time you visited nib's website
  • the pages you accessed
  • the previous sites you visited
  • the type of Internet browser you used
  • the type of operating system and device you used

Information that we may collect about providers includes:

  • provider registration details
  • government related identifiers such as your Medicare provider number, Australian Company Number and/or Australian Business Number
  • details of services provided, charges and claims made
  • feedback on your services that our customers provide us with from time to time
  • bank account details

When you apply for employment with us, information that we may collect includes:

  • your name, address, phone number, email address and other contact details
  • your date of birth
  • employment details
  • education qualifications
  • other information about your personal circumstances included in, or pertaining to, any job application you submit to us or provide to us for the purpose of assessing and processing your application for employment with us
  • How does nib collect your personal information?

    nib may collect personal information directly from you (in person, by phone, electronically or online) when:

    • you request information about nib's services, or the services of one of our business partners, through our call centre in which case we may hold call recordings of our interactions with you
    • you apply to become a registered provider
    • you apply for employment with nib
    • a claim is lodged by you or on your behalf
    • you participate in a health management program
    • you visit our website

    In addition to collecting personal information directly from you, if you are a dependant or other customer under a policy, we may also collect personal information about you from the policy holder. We ask the policyholder to obtain your consent for us to collect your information, and to provide you with information about your rights under this Privacy Policy. We may make the policyholder aware of details of benefits and services claimed under the insurance policy.

    nib may also collect personal information from:

    • other nib companies
    • health service providers (such as hospitals, doctors and medical specialists) and claiming software providers (such as HICAPS)
    • other private health insurers or re-insurers
    • brokers or agents (such as insurance comparator websites)
    • government agencies (such as Medicare)
    • state registration boards and professional associations
    • your employer or advisers
    • financial or educational institutions
    • if you are a provider, from Medicare Australia, electronic claiming software providers and our customers
    • if you are applying for employment with us, from third parties such as referees and recruitment agencies

    nib also collects information from other companies that provide services to nib, such as market research companies.

    How does nib use personal information?

    If you are a customer, the information we collect is used to:

    • provide health and related services
    • determine eligibility to provide or receive an nib health or related service
    • manage our relationship with you
    • promote and market nib's current and future health and related services
    • promote and market existing and future other co-branded products and services, and products and services of our business partners
    • refine the ways in which we market our products and services to you
    • conduct research (including but not limited to customer surveys) concerning nib's current and future health and related services, and develop new health and related services for the benefit of customers and comply with our legal obligations

    If you are a provider, we use your information to administer claims, deal with complaints and update our customers. We may publish some or all of the information we collect about you on our website or communicate it to our customers in other ways, as a service to our customers.

    If you are a job applicant, the information we collect is used to assess and process your application for employment with us.

    We may also collect and use or disclose personal information of other individuals, such as guardians or other authorised individuals or carers, representatives of third party service providers, nib officers and directors and prospective employees, in order to provide our products and services, administer our business, manage job applications and comply with applicable laws.

    Will my personal information be given to anyone else?

    In providing you with nib's health and related services and using personal information in accordance with this Policy, nib may disclose your personal information to other parts of our wider company, or other people and organisations assisting us with our services, located both in and outside Australia (including the Philippines, the USA and Sweden). Those entities include:

    • other nib companies
    • health service providers including private health insurers, government agencies, private and public hospitals, doctors and medical specialists, state registration boards and professional associations
    • the policy holder who as a customer you have authorised us to share your personal information with
    • nib's contractors and service providers performing services including (but not limited to) marketing, market research, mail-house services, hosting and product development services
    • nib's existing and future strategic partners in respect of co-branded products and services for marketing purposes (such as TAL Life Limited for life insurance products)

    When we pass on personal information to others or outside Australia, we take steps to ensure that it is treated in the same way that we would treat it.

    nib may also be required to disclose your personal information to other individuals on your nib policy, or to individuals to whom you have granted authority to act on your behalf. For example, at the time of joining nib, the person applying for the nib policy authorises nib, on your behalf, to share information with the policyholder. This means we may make the policyholder aware of the details of all benefits and services claimed on the policy by you as a customer under the policy.

    Otherwise nib may disclose your personal information if:

    • you authorise nib to do so
    • your health and safety or that of others in the community is at risk
    • it is permitted under the Privacy Act to do so or
    • nib is required or authorised to do so by or under an Australian law or court/tribunal order

    Direct marketing and opting out

    nib uses and discloses your personal information to communicate with you (e.g. by mail, telephone, email and/or sms) about current and new nib or nib-branded products and services. You can ask us at any time to stop sending you direct marketing from a particular channel or at all, by contacting 13 14 63, visiting a Retail Centre or by emailing us.

    Cookie policy

    In addition to any personal information you give to us via our website, such as when you complete an online form or submit other information or documentation to us online, the nib website uses cookies to capture certain data about your website use, such as remembering your preferences, tracking your activity or to assist in optimisations.

    If you do not want to use cookies, you can set up your browser to reject them.

    Shareholding information

    Shareholding information may also be personal information. nib holdings limited has an arrangement with Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited ABN 48 078 279 277 (Computershare) to collect, store, use and disclose the personal information of shareholders on our behalf for the purpose of maintaining shareholders’ shareholding in nib holdings limited.

    In its capacity as securities registrar, Computershare collects personal information on behalf of nib holdings limited about shareholders which may include name and address, security holding balances, tax file numbers, bank account details and email addresses. Computershare uses this personal information to maintain this shareholding.

    As our share registry manager, Computershare is required to comply with the Corporations Act 2001 and Australian Stock Exchange Listing Rules, such as making public the name, address and number of shares held by registered shareholders. However, other information such as banking details, tax file numbers and holder reference numbers is private information and will only be used and disclosed in accordance with provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth). For more information on how Computershare handles personal information, please refer to its “Personal Information Management Statement” which is available at

    Job Applicant Information

    We collect and use your personal information to assess and process your application for employment with us, and we will not be able to process your application for employment without doing so. We may use this personal information to undertake background or reference checks to assess your eligibility for the position for which you applied. We may also retain the personal information you provide to us to consider your eligibility for, and advise you of, suitable employment opportunities in the future. You may 'opt out' of receiving future correspondence regarding employment opportunities.

    nib may collect personal information about job applicants from third parties (e.g. referees) and service providers (e.g. psychometric testing service providers). nib may also collect personal information about job applicants from publicly available sources, for example through LinkedIn or other social media websites or other publicly available search tools.

    nib uses third party service provider information technology platforms to assist in the recruitment process. These service providers may provide assistance to nib in storing or accessing the personal information you provide to us.

    We may disclose your personal information to:

    • to our related entities and employees;
    • to a recruitment agency appointed by you;
    • in accordance with any consent you give; or
    • where disclosure is authorised or compelled by law third parties such as to recruitment agencies or referees.

    Some types of personal information are maintained in order to comply with national employment laws, taxation, national insurance and benefit schemes, and other laws and regulations. Other information is processed pursuant to an obligation owed to you.

    Is my personal information secure?

    nib takes reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is kept secure, and is not subject to misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. nib only permits its authorised personnel to access your personal information, and information will only be disclosed to third parties where they have the appropriate authority. We destroy or de-identify personal information we no longer need, wherever possible.

    Health records collected by nib operated health service providers, will be held in accordance with health records legislation in the relevant State or Territory. Generally we are required to hold these records for at least seven years from the last time a health service was provided. If someone under the age of 18 used the health service, the records will be held at least until that person has turned 25.

    How do I obtain access to my personal information?

    You can access your personal information. nib generally makes this information available in standard formats, such as your claims or contributions statements. You can also access your personal information via nib's secure online services.

    If you are a policyholder or customer you can request details of your personal information by contacting 13 14 63, visiting a Retail Centre, by emailing us or by writing to us at the address below.

    If you are a provider you can request details of personal information by contacting the Provider Hotline 1800 175 377, or by emailing [email protected] or by writing to us at the address below.

    Other individuals can request details of personal information nib holds about them by emailing us or by writing to us at the address below.

    We will need to verify your identity before we can provide you with access. We will in all cases respond to your request within a reasonable period, however there may be circumstances in which we cannot provide you with access in the manner requested or at all. If this happens, we will advise you in writing of our reasons and how you can complain about the decision.

    You will not be charged for making an access request, however we may need to charge for the reasonable cost of processing your access request, including photocopying, copying of radiographs, supplying written reports, administration and postage.

    Is my personal information accurate? Can it be corrected?

    The accuracy of your personal information is important to us. nib will take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is accurate, complete, up to date and not misleading, and also relevant for any purpose for which we use or disclose it. But we also rely on you to advise us of any changes to your contact details and any other personal information. If you believe that any personal information nib holds about you is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, irrelevant or misleading, please contact us immediately by emailing us or by writing to us at the address below.

    If we are satisfied that the information needs to be corrected, we will take reasonable steps to do this. However there may be circumstances in which we may have to refuse a request for correction. We advise you of any refusal in writing and our reasons and how you can complain about our decision. In such a case you can also request that we associate a statement with that personal information that you believe should be corrected.

    You will not be charged for making request for a correction or requesting us to associate a statement with your information.

    More information or complaints

    For further information regarding this Privacy Policy, or to make a complaint or raise any other concerns about the steps nib has taken to protect your personal information or privacy, please contact nib's Privacy Officer by calling 13 14 63 or by email or by post. We will investigate any complaints we receive, which must be put in writing and do our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

    Our contact details

    Privacy Officer
    nib health funds limited
    22 Honeysuckle Drive
    NSW 2300

    Telephone 13 14 63

    Email [email protected]

    If you are not satisfied with the result of your complaint to us, you can refer your complaint to the:

    Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
    Phone: 1300 363 992
    Post: GPO Box 5218
    NSW 2001
    Online form: (Privacy Complaint Form)

    Changes to this privacy policy

    nib reserves the right to review, update and change this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflects its practices and obligations. Any changes will take effect when they are made and posted on our website.

    This Privacy Policy was last updated 22 April 2016.