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Emergency ambulance claiming

Most of our health insurance covers include unlimited emergency ambulance. Medicare does not cover ambulance costs, so for most people, without the right health insurance you would be expected to pay these fees yourself.

An emergency ambulance is when you need immediate transport by a state or territory ambulance to get to a hospital or other facility for urgent medical treatment. You are also covered when:

  • An emergency ambulance is required and a paramedic treats you, but you aren’t transported to hospital.

  • You are transferred between hospitals because the hospital doesn’t have the emergency treatment you need.

What do I do with my bill?

In most cases you won’t receive a bill as it will be taken care of between the state ambulance provider and nib. If you do receive a bill, all you need to do is follow your regular claiming process in member account or the nib App.

If you've already paid the ambulance bill, please contact us and we'll reimburse you. If you live in a state that provides ambulance services under a state scheme, you'll need to contact the ambulance provider to request a refund.

QLD and TAS residents

The emergency ambulance benefit doesn't apply where members are covered by state ambulance schemes.

Residents of Queensland are covered nationally for ambulance services by their state scheme.

Tasmanian residents are covered within Tasmania by their state scheme (as long as a third party payment like motor insurance isn't available) and in all states and territories except NSW, South Australia and Queensland.

Is there a waiting period on emergency ambulance?

There is a 1 day waiting period on all emergency ambulance cover with nib.

Can I buy Ambulance Only cover?

Please contact us on 13 16 42 and our consultants can help you with your options.

What if I used an ambulance in a different state to the one I live in?

We'll cover you if you are usually covered by nib in the state you live in.

Are international students or visitors covered for emergency ambulance?

If you have an nib international student or visitor cover, you're covered for emergency ambulance transport and treatment when medically necessary. An ambulance should be called when you are in an emergency or life threatening situation by dialling 000.

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