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Build a healthier workforce

Great value health cover for you, your employees and their families.

Corporate health plans

Health cover that's easy to understand, easy to claim, and above all great value

As one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds, nib has been providing health cover to Australians for over 50 years, and now covers over 800,000 customers around the country.

Happy and healthy employees

When it comes to corporate health plans nib provides a range of health covers and wellness programs designed to help keep you and your employees healthy. And with one of the best discounted rates available you’ll be happy too.

We're good at what we do

With nib you’re joining hundreds of other like minded companies who’ve chosen nib to provide their corporate health plan.

Essentially it’s a great decision from both a business and a personal point of view.

Choice and simplicity

Your employees can choose from a range of health covers. There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do there’s a cover to suit your needs (and your wallet). Our covers are simple to select, easy to understand and even easier to claim on.

Employee benefits

Most employers believe that an employee benefits program makes a positive contribution to their organisation’s culture – including the attraction and retention of talented employees.

Why? Because nib provides you and your employees with:

  • Peace of mind knowing that you have more options to look after your health than Medicare alone
  • Access to quality healthcare, like private hospitals, when you need to get well
  • Everyday Extras that keep you healthy like dental and physio. Most of these services aren’t covered by Medicare
  • Wellbeing programs designed to improve health, disease management, stress management and work/life balance

Getting started

Simply contact nib to discuss which health plan best suits you and your organisation.

We'll then ensure the success of your corporate health plan by:

  • Agreeing on shared goals
  • Developing a tailored marketing and communications strategy to launch your corporate health plan to your employees

Select the type of health plan that best suits your organisation

  • Subsidised Corporate Health Plans
    Your organisation pays for the total cost of your employees health cover
  • Partially Subsidised Corporate Health Plans
    Your organisation contributes part of the cost of your employees health cover
  • Voluntary Health Plans
    Your employees contribute the total cost of their health cover

Build a healthier work force today

Call us on:

  • Company enquiries: 0429 470 445
  • Individual enquiries: 1800 13 14 63
  • or Email Us: [email protected]