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Overseas Student Health Cover that meets your visa requirements

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Meets the Department of Immigration student visa requirements
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More than one million people in Australia and New Zealand trust nib with their health insurance
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Help me choose my dates

Start date

Select the date you will arrive in Australia. If you are unsure choose a date up to 28 days before your course start date.


If you are switching from another OSHC provider choose the day after your OSHC expires.

In order to keep your visa valid you must be covered for OSHC continuously.

End date

Your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) must cover the full period of your visa. Your student visa can be granted up to the maximum duration outlined in the table below.

Duration of Course Add to your course end date
10 months or less 1 month
Over 10 months
ending January - October
2 months
Over 10 months
ending November - December
Select 15th March of the next year

For example: if your course is from 1 January 2014 to 1 September 2014 (this is under 10 months) then add one month to the course end date.

In this example your OSHC dates would be 1 January 2014 to 1 October 2014.

Choose your start date
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Choose your end date
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You are covered for

Doctors and Specialists
Emergency Ambulance
Prescription Medication

Covered - we help you pay for

Doctors vists

100% of the government-recommended fee (known as the 'MBS') for general practitioner (GP) consultations which are not part of a hospital stay. Note: If your GP charges more than the recommended fee, you will be required to pay the difference (known as a 'gap').

Specialist services

85% of the government-recommended fee (MBS) for specialist services including pathology, radiology and other specialists providing treatment which is not part of a hospital stay.

Medical treatment at hospital

100% of the government-recommended fee (MBS) for medical treatment provided in a hospital including doctors, specialists, pathology and radiology.

Public hospital

100% of the rate State and Territory health authorities recommend for services charged to a patient who is not an Australian resident. Includes:

  • shared ward accommodation, theatre fees and same day services
  • accident and emergency services
  • post-operative services and related medical treatments which don't require a hospital stay

Private hospital

100% of the rate nib has established with the hospital through a contract. Includes:

  • private or shared room accommodation
  • theatre fees and same day services

Note: If you choose to be treated in a private hospital nib does not have a contract with, you will be required to pay any difference between the OSHC benefit and the hospital accommodation cost. Find a nib Agreement Private Hospital .

Emergency Ambulance

100% of medically necessary transport provided by a State and Territory Ambulance Service.

Prescription Medication

Up to $50 per prescription item listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), after you pay the PBS Patient contribution. You can claim up to $300 per person per calendar year, capped at $600 for families.


Prostheses listed on the Australian Government Prostheses Schedule as "no-gap prostheses". We'll also pay the minimum benefit for prostheses listed as "gap permitted".

Not Covered - we do not pay for

Infertillity treatments

Infertility treatments like assisted reproductive services or in-vitro fertilisation and secondary conditions related to infertility treatments.

Extras services

Treatments by dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors or any other Extras service providers (unless directly related to a hospital admission and completed in hospital), or other Extras services such as glasses, hearing aids or artificial aids.

Services not covered by Medicare

Services not covered by Medicare such as cosmetic surgery, laser eye treatment or experimental surgery

Treatment outside of Australia

Treatment outside of Australia or arranged before arriving in Australia.

Compensation or damages

Services and treatments that are covered by compensation or damages of any kind (like workers compensation or third party insurance).

Non-essential Hospital items

Luxury hospital rooms and other non-essential items like TV hire, beauty treatments and phone calls.

Waiting periods apply, for more details view the nib OSHC Product Brochure (463KB).

Why nib is worth it

You are in safe hands
We are one of Australia’s largest health insurers, covering over one million people in Australia and New Zealand
Quick claiming
Claim by uploading a photo of your receipt, on your phone or online
Large hospital network
We have agreements with most of Australia’s private hospitals to help you save money.
Great customer service
Friendly service with real people in our retail and customer call centres

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