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What is private health insurance?

An overview

In Australia, Medicare provides health care for citizens and permanent residents. By taking out private health insurance you can get more health care options, peace of mind and it may even help you avoid tax.

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Hospital & Extras

Private health insurance Hospital cover gives you access to private hospitals and choice of doctor, while Extras cover helps with the costs of services not covered by Medicare, such as optometry and dental.

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What our customers say...

“…I can’t be more thankful that my private hospital stay was fully covered. All I had to do was pay my excess at the hospital. All of a sudden I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have health insurance.” –


“Just a great service and no hidden issues.” –


Hospital cover

Hospital cover helps you pay the costs of being treated as a private patient in a public or private hospital. Generally, any medical service listed under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) can be covered, dependent on your level of cover. Some benefits include:

  • Avoiding public hospital waiting lists
  • Choosing the specialist who treats you in hospital
  • Choosing to stay in a private room
  • Meets requirements for Lifetime Health Cover
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Did you know?

We will help cover those items you might not consider before a hospital stay such as occupational therapy, necessary dressings and pharmaceuticals.

Extras cover

Extras cover can help cover the cost of everyday services you use to stay healthy – like dental treatment, a new pair of glasses, remedial massage or a visit to the physio. These types of treatments can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing.


Bundles let you tailor your Extras cover so you can claim 60% back for the services you use most, up to your annual limits.


Top is our highest level of cover with 75% back on Extras and additional items like home nursing and eye therapy, up to your annual limits.

Why private health insurance?

Tailor your cover

nib has created a range of health cover products that let you tailor your cover so you only pay for services you use most.

Save on your premiums

Get private health insurance before you’re 31 to avoid Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading on top of your premiums.

Avoid tax

You can avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge by joining any nib hospital cover & maintaining it for the full financial year.

Peace of mind

Private health insurance offers you more protection against the unexpected such as hospital bills from illness or accidents.