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Keeping our Hospital, medical and Extras providers informed.

Please note: Our MediGap Terms and Conditions have been updated. View the latest Terms and Conditions on the MediGap page.

Provider areas

This section of our website is for providers only. If you're an nib member looking for a provider near you, please see our find a provider tool.


Learn more about becoming an nib recognised Extras provider and access forms and documents and FAQs.

Provider categories for Extras include:


All about billing for medical specialists, such as diagnostic or imaging specialists.

If you need to process claims for international students and visitors, you can access our GP & Pharmacy Portal.

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GP & pharmacy portal


nib has agreements with the majority of private hospitals in Australia.

This section includes general information for hospital providers and how to become an nib Agreement Hospital.

Log in or register for the nib HCP Portal.

Our networks


Medical gap cover for nib members and a higher-than-MBS benefit for participating practitioners.

What is MediGap?

nib MediGap aims to eliminate the out of pocket costs nib members pay for inpatient medical and surgical fees.

How to register for MediGap:

nib First Choice Network

Connecting quality Extras (ancillary) healthcare professionals with more than one million customers.

What is the First Choice network?

The First Choice Network provides Extras (ancillary) health services at a set reduced cost or agreed discount to nib members to help lower their out of pocket costs.

Applications for dental and physiotherapy providers are now open.

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