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Ancillary providers

It’s easy to become a recognised Ancillary provider with nib. If you meet our criteria, nib members can receive a benefit when they visit you for treatment.

Dentists and physiotherapists are invited to apply to become part of the First Choice network.

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Allied Health

When you register with Medicare, we’ll automatically receive your registration details. If you need to update your details, simply advise Medicare and the changes will flow through to our records. It’s important to keep your provider details up to date with Medicare, as this could impact your patients’ ability to claim.

If you don’t have a provider number yet, or would like to find out more about Allied Health Professionals, please visit the Department of Human Services website.

The following providers are Allied Health providers: Chiropractic, dietetics, exercise physiology, osteopathy, occupational therapy, orthoptics, physiotherapy, podiatry, psychology and speech therapy.

Join our First Choice Network

The First Choice Network is a community of healthcare providers who have agreed to provide health services at a set fee to nib members, to ensure their experience is the same no matter who they see. As a registered First Choice Network provider, you agree to charge a set fee in return for having your services promoted to nib members. We continue to grow our network every day and are open for expressions of interest from dentists, physiotherapists and optical providers.

Join the First Choice Network

Allied Health FAQs

Ancillary providers FAQs

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