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Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Health insurance that is right for you and meets your working visa requirements

nib has a range of great value health covers that meet the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) visa conditions 8501 requirements for visa subclass 401, 407, 408, 416, 417, 420, 457, 461, 462, 482, 485 and more.

Choose the right health insurance for you

The above information should be read in conjunction to the OVHC Fund Rules

* This price includes a $500 excess per calendar year.

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Why choose nib?

Visa compliant health cover

Any nib cover will meet your visa requirements, and we will have your Visa Certificate emailed to you once you are approved.

Peace of mind

Over 1 million people have peace of mind knowing they’re covered for any unexpected health needs with us.

Switching is easy

You can move to an nib health cover today in 3 simple steps.

Understanding health insurance

We've compiled some common questions about health insurance to help you choose the right overseas health cover for you.

Join over 1 million people already covered with nib

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