457 Visa Health Insurance

Part of the requirements when applying for a 457 visa is that the individual must arrange compliant health insurance that will cover themselves and any dependants during their time in Australia. Health insurance must meet the Department of Home Affairs requirements for the 457 visa. IMAN Australian Health Plans specialises in working visitor health cover and all plans meet DIAC requirements for the 457 visa.

457 Visa Health Insurance Evidence/Letter

When applying for a 457 visa, evidence is required in the form of a letter or certificate stating that the applicant and dependants have taken out an adequate health cover policy. If family members are applying separately from the applicant, they must also provide evidence that they are covered by a health cover policy.

IMAN provides a letter upon joining which accompanies the 457 visa application.

Arriving in Australia

Maintaining 457 visa health insurance is compulsory when working in Australia. There are some exceptions for 457 visa holders who may be eligible for Reciprocal Medicare. Reciprocal Medicare covers medically necessary treatment only and can only be applied for once in Australia. It is recommended that workers continue to maintain their 457 visa health insurance to help cover any additional medical out-of-pocket costs.