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Depending on your level of cover, you might have to pay an excess for your hospital stay when you’re admitted.

Just like with your car or home insurance, an excess is a contribution you are required to pay towards a claim you make on your policy. The excess is paid directly to the hospital. Agreeing to pay an excess also reduces the cost of your premiums.

There are a few things to remember with excess:

  • Generally, selecting a higher excess means you’ll pay less for your health cover.
  • The excess is only payable if you, or someone on your policy, go to hospital – it does not apply to Extras cover.
  • The excess is paid directly to the hospital.
  • The number of times an excess is payable per calendar year varies depending on your cover.
  • Please refer to the Policy Booklet for more information about excess.

Good news for families

If you're on a selected family cover, you won't need to pay an excess if one of your kids (up to 21 years of age) has to go to hospital. Please call us to find out whether this applies to your family.

Did you know as part of the private health insurance reforms, you now have the opportunity to increase your hospital excess? By doing so, you’ll have to pay a bit more upfront if you need to go to hospital but you’ll reduce your monthly premiums. To change your excess, log in to Online Services.

Before going to hospital, you should check if there’s an excess for your policy. Contact us or log in for more information about the excess on your policy.

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