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The most convenient way of managing, adjusting, and understanding your payments is online or through the nib App. 

Choose from flexible payment frequencies – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly – to match your preferences. (Overseas Student policies require upfront payment.) 

It's important to keep your membership paid in advance so you can make claims on Extras and Hospital procedures. 

What is my premium and how is it calculated?

Your premium is the amount you pay for your nib membership for a specific coverage period. Private health insurance is community rated which ensures that everyone pays the same premium for the same health insurance product within their state regardless of health, age or other factors. The cost of your premium can be influenced by things like: 

Get 4% off your premiums when you pay by direct debit

Set up a direct debit from your bank, building society or credit union cheque or savings account for a discount of up to 4% (not applicable to Ambulance or Overseas covers).

How to pay your health insurance premium

We have a range of other flexible payment options, including:

  • BPAY: Pay via internet or phone banking. The nib Biller Code is 364158 and your 10-digit Reference Number will be your member number which you can find on your nib card or when you log in to your member account. 

  • Direct debit from credit card or bank account: Set up an automatic direct debit from your Mastercard, Visa or American Express or from your chosen bank account. You can update your direct debit details and preferences via your member account, or the nib App. Learn how to set up a direct debit from your bank account to enjoy 4% off your premiums (not applicable to credit card payments). Only policyholders are able to update or add payment details online. 

  • One-off payment: Want to get ahead on your premium? Make a one-off credit card payment at any time in your member account or the nib App or contact us

  • Australia Post: You can make payments via the Australia Post website using a Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. The nib Billpay code is 0263 and your 8-digit Reference Number will be your member number which you can find on your nib card. It generally take three business days to receive payments. Want to pay over the counter at your nearest post office? You can find the barcode you’ll need on your nib card or your payment reminders.

Paying your premium by direct debit

How do I make a one-off payment?

You can make a one-off payment quickly and easily through the nib App. Watch or listen to the video below to learn how.

Alternatively, you can make a one-off payment online through your member account.

  1. Log in to your member account 

  2. Select ‘My Policy’ then select ‘Payments’ from the drop-down menu 

  3. Select ‘Make one off payment’ 

  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay and tap ‘Pay’ 

  5. Enter your card details 

  6. Once finished, click ‘Pay’ 

  7. Note down your receipt number for future reference. 

Can I pay my premiums in advance?

Also known as Rate protection, locking in your premium allows you to pay your premiums up to 13 months in advance unless a financial change is made to the policy.

You can change your payment frequency to annually if you prefer to pay in advance for a whole year. We'll always notify you before we collect your annual payment.

How do I change the frequency of my payment? 

On a web browser 

  1. Log in to your member account 

  2. Select ‘My Policy’ then select ‘Payments’ from the drop-down menu 

  3. Select ‘How I pay for my policy’ 

  4. Choose your payment frequency from the drop-down menu 

  5. Select the date that you wish to make or commence your payments from 

On the nib App 

  1. Open your App and go to the ‘Account’ section 

  2. Select ‘Payments’ 

  3. Select ‘Update details’ 

  4. Choose your payment frequency and tap ‘Save’ 

  5. Select the date that you wish to make or commence your payments from 

  6. Tap ‘Submit’ 

Add your bank details so your claims get paid into your preffered account

On a web browser

  1. Login to 

  2. Select ‘My Policy’ then select ‘Payments’ from the drop-down menu 

  3. Select ‘how my claim is paid’ 

  4. From there you can update your bank details and ensure we pay your claims into your preferred account. 

  5. Click ‘Save details’ when you’re done 

On the nib App

  1. Open your App and go to the ‘Account’ section 

  2. Select ‘Payments’ 

  3. Select ‘Update details’ 

  4. Scroll down to ‘How nib pays me’ and tap ‘Update details’ 

  5. Update your bank details to ensure we pay your claims into your preferred account 

  6. Tap ‘Submit’ to finish 

Why didn’t my payment go through? 

Sometimes your payment may not go through, and the most common reason is insufficient funds or expired credit card or debit card details. 

We’ll send you a reminder to update your card details before they expire. You can change or update your payment details in your member account or the nib App.  

If insufficient funds cause your direct debit to decline, we will automatically re-attempt a ‘catch up’ payment within seven calendar days of the original direct debit date. We'll notify you via your preferred method of contact.

The next debit will reflect the one-off ‘catch up’ payment. Once payment is successful, your payment cycle will return to normal. 

If you pay your premium weekly, a double payment will be attempted on the day of your next scheduled payment.

TIP: Sync your direct debit with your salary schedule

If your direct debit is synced with your salary schedule, consider scheduling payments for the day after you receive your payment. This ensures that we don't attempt to deduct your premium before the funds arrive in your account. 

If we decline your payment for any reason other than insufficient funds, we will immediately remove your direct debit from your member account and won’t attempt to debit you again for safety and security purposes. In this scenario, we recommend contacting your financial institution to understand the reason why your payment was declined. 

Managing missed payments

Why is my payment different to what I expected it to be? 

There are several reasons why your payment may be different from what you expected it to be: 

Unsuccessful direct debit: If your direct debit payment was unsuccessful, we'll automatically attempt to deduct it again within 3 – 7 days from the original date. This may result in what seems like a double payment for weekly payers. Rest assured; we'll contact you via your preferred method of contact before we re-attempt payment. We will also notify the primary member of the cover to advise of missed payment. 

Missed or insufficient manual payment: You might have missed a manual payment or made a manual payment that was less than the required amount.

Changing payment dates: If you've recently adjusted your direct debit payment date, there might be an extra payment to bridge the gap between your old and new dates. This ensures your payments are up to date and seamless. 

Lifetime Health Cover Loading: Switching to nib from another health fund without the required clearance documents might impact your Lifetime Health Cover loading (LHC). That could mean a retrospective increase in your premium, but don’t worry - we'll credit any overpaid amount once we get your clearance documents. If you haven’t been paying enough to date, your direct debit might also be higher due to LHC.

Australian Government Rebate: A change in your income tier might lead to the removal or reduction of your AGR entitlement.

Moving interstate: Your premiums might be impacted if you move interstate, as they vary by state and the cost may be higher or lower. We will add an additional amount to your next payment if your new premium is higher. Expect your next payment to be smaller if your new premium is lower.

Change of cover: Upgrading to a higher premium policy? Or moving from Singles to Couples, or Couples to Family cover? Expect your next payment to be higher to align with your new policy.

Variations in payments for new members 

Your first payment includes the monthly or yearly cost of your cover, plus an extra day. This additional day ensures that your cover is paid up to and includes the day of your next direct debit. For example, if you pay your premium monthly with the first payment set for the 15 March, it covers the period from 12:00am 15 March to 11:59pm on the 15 of April. Subsequent monthly payments will cover the period from 12:00am on the 16 April to 11:59pm on the 15 May. 

As a new member, it's common for your initial payments to be irregular due to necessary adjustments and pro rata calculations. For example, if you join on the 1 March 2023, and your initial payment is due on the 14 March 2023, your first payment covers your usual monthly premium along with the days from when you joined until the 14 March 2023. This way, you get everything sorted in one go! 

Variations may occur in your first payments if your scheduled direct debit payments don't align with your policy start date. We calculate premiums based on the date you joined nib, and we make pro rata adjustments to accommodate this.

You may have received an offer like "first 6 weeks free" which changes your premium for the duration of the offer.

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