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5 easy ways to reach 10,000 steps a day

Cassey Maynard

You don’t need fancy equipment to get a sweat on

Cassey Maynard wearing activewear and smiling for the camera with her arms stretched out beside her
Cassey Maynard wearing activewear and smiling for the camera with her arms stretched out beside her

People tend to overcomplicate exercise, but the truth is you don’t need fancy equipment or a boutique studio membership to get a sweat on. Whatever happened to good ol’ fashioned walking?

Walking can help to lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, and can help you reach your weight loss goals. Plus, it’s great for almost everyone including pregnant women, the elderly or people who hate high-intensity workouts. The best part is it’s free, and you can do it anytime, anywhere.

10,000 steps a day is a common daily exercise goal, but it can be difficult to achieve. In fact, less than one in five Australian adults reach that benchmark each day on average. If you’re struggling to inject enough movement into your day, here are a few easy and effective ways to hit 10,000 steps. Trust me, your mind and body will thank you for it!

1. Track your steps

You don’t need to buy a tech-savvy watch to track your steps. There are plenty of apps you can download to monitor your steps or simply purchase an inexpensive pedometer. Whatever you use, make sure you check in on your step count throughout each day to keep yourself accountable. Think of it as a little ‘healthy’ competition.

A man wearing headphones and carrying a bag walks up a set of stairs

2. Have a walking meeting

Do you ever feel like you’re chained to your desk? It’s no secret our jobs have become less physical in recent years, and so many of us are sitting down for hours on end. That's why we need to think outside the box and create new opportunities to move our bodies. A walking meeting is a great way to get your workmates out of the office and into the great outdoors. Incorporating movement could spark new ideas, plus you’ll get a boost of vitamin D. If it isn’t possible to recruit the team, then go solo and pop on an educational podcast for bonus points!

3. Take the stairs

This one is an oldie but a goodie; if you have the choice between an elevator and a set of stairs, then get climbing. You’ll get your heart rate up quicker and burn more calories by ditching the lift. Incorporating these bits of incidental exercise will become second nature and you’ll reach that step goal in no time.

4. Step up to do your chores

An infographic featuring 30 minutes of shopping equals 2010 steps, 15 minutes of mopping equals 1515 steps, 30 minutes of yard work equals 2670 steps

5. Go on a fit date

The next time you’re planning a catch up with a friend, date or partner, make it a fit date. It could be as simple as a walk around the block or a stroll to a café; if you’re feeling adventurous, try a sunset hike or a new fitness class. Whatever you choose, you’ll be hangover free, buzzing and one step closer to your goal.

6. Dance off

To incorporate some fun into your day while clocking up those steps, crank up a favourite song and dance around your house like you just don’t care - let’s call it your very own dance party! If you have kids or a partner that might be down for a challenge, then hit them up for a dance off. It’ll lift your heart rate and your vibes, and you’ll be dancing your way to your daily step target before you know it.

Cassey Maynard smiling on a busy beach

Cassey Maynard

Cassey Maynard is one of Sydney’s most recognised fitness experts and health advocates. Also known as The Energiser, Cass (@cassey.maynard) is passionate about energising people’s lives through health and fitness in a playful, fun and educational way.

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