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I’ve moved address – will my health insurance premium change?

Moving home? Update your private health insurance details!

A woman smiles as she crouches down and picks up mail
A woman smiles as she crouches down and picks up mail

Moving interstate can be exciting. As soon as the removalist truck reverses from your new driveway, you’ll probably start scouting out your new local café, Indian restaurant and grocer, but before you settle in to your second skinny cappuccino, it’s important to update your contact details with your private health insurer.

Why do I need to update my address with my private health insurer?

There are a few reasons it’s so important to keep us up to date when you change address. The first is so that we can make sure any important information is sent to the correct residence – whether it’s about changes to your policy or special offers and competitions specific to your location.

By letting us know that you’ve moved addresses, we can help you search for local health providers. Finding a great optometrist, dentist or physio can be tough, especially when you don’t have friends or family around to give you their recommendations. That’s why we’ve developed the nib First Choice Network – a community of trusted dentists and optical providers in your area who have agreed to keep your out-of-pocket expenses as low as possible.

If you’ve got Amazon Alexa, you can use the nib Skill to find healthcare providers in your area, get daily health tips and answer your biggest health insurance questions. It’s as easy as saying ‘Alexa, ask nib…’ Visit our dedicated page to find out more about the nib Skill available on Alexa.

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Need to find a new specialist? Check out nib’s MediGap provider search. We’ve built a network of specialists who receive a higher benefit from nib when they agree not to charge nib members an out-of-pocket (or gap) fee in hospital. For more information about MediGap and going to hospital, visit our hospital guide.

Finally, if you’re moving interstate, it’s essential to chat with our private health insurance experts on 13 16 42, who’ll be able to advise you if your premium is lower after your move – and if it’s not, we can help you with a cover review to make sure you’re not paying for a higher level of cover than you need.

Will my health insurance premium change if I move interstate?

Depending on where you’re moving from – and which state you’re moving to – your health insurance premium could change.


Just like their sporting codes and preference towards daylight savings, each state’s healthcare systems differ slightly. The change in premiums is due to a number of factors, including the amount of hospitals in your state, the cost of healthcare and even the age and health of your new neighbours.

CEO of Private Healthcare Australia, Dr Rachel David explained to The New Daily, ‘“States with younger populations and higher proportions of working-age people have lower health costs.”

Just like sporting codes and daylight savings' preferences, each state’s healthcare systems differ

How do I update my address?
If you’ve moved interstate, the best way to get your address updated is to give nib a call on 13 16 42. That way, we can let you know of any changes to your premium and, if you’re interested, help you find some new local providers for the services that you use most – whether that’s an optometrist, a chiropractor or a specialist.

If you’ve moved address, but still live in the same state, you can easily update your address in minutes using member account or the nib app.