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Before going to hospital, we can help:

  • Check your procedure is covered
  • Find a specialist
  • Choose the right hospital
  • Learn how to avoid unexpected bills

Talk to us first, it could save you thousands

From sore knee to recovery, we're with you

Use this as a guide to find your way - we can help you at every step

Health concern
GP visit
Check your cover
Specialist visit
Check your hospital
Prepare for your procedure
Bills and claiming

1. Health concern

If you have an injury or health concern and think you may need to go to hospital, we're here to help. Get in touch with us early and we'll explain what options you have as an nib member and make sure you get the most out of your health cover.


  • Call us or login to check what your cover includes
  • Make an appointment with your GP

Do you know about our Health Management Programs?

Get extra support from our health management team and, depending on your health concern, you could avoid a hospital stay altogether.

Arm yourself with the info

Everything you need to know for your hospital stay: understand the basics, know what to expect on the big day, and prepare for your recovery.

First hospital trip? Start here

Hospital 101

We'll guide you through your options and next steps

Preparing for hospital

Reduce your out of pocket expenses and find a specialist

During your hospital visit

Understand what happens in hospital and how we can help

After your hospital visit

Focus on your recovery and read up on bills and claiming

Call us, you’ll have a better experience