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What fruits & vegetables are in season in summer?

Dr Sandro Demaio

The fruit and vegetables to put on your menu this season

A group of young blonde children snack on watermelon slices as the sun sets
A group of young blonde children snack on watermelon slices as the sun sets

With warmer weather upon us, it’s only natural that we gravitate towards eating light and healthy salads and fresh fruit. An abundance of tasty fruit and vegetables is a shopping trip away, but it pays to know what’s in season for both your health and the health of the planet.

Food systems produce 20-30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, but the production of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains has the least impact on the climate – especially when what you eat is in season and grown locally.

“Here in Australia we’re so lucky to have so much delicious produce all year round, but if you live in a city like I do it’s easy to lose sight of what’s in season,” says Dr Sandro Demaio, medical doctor and author of The Doctor’s Diet cookbook. “It’s summer right now and that means fresh berries, tropical fruits and loads of fresh stone fruits.”

What fruits are in season in summer?


Turn your favourite fruits into a salad (try different combinations to keep things interesting), bring out the sweetness of peaches, pineapple and bananas by throwing them on the barbecue, and add colour and flavour to a vegetable salad with the addition of berries or melon.

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What vegetables are in season in summer?


“In terms of vegetables, it’s all about summer salads,” says Sandro. “What I love to do is create a fresh Panzanella salad.”

This traditional Italian salad is made with day-old bread, olive oil, white beans, tomato, basil and cucumber. Change up this popular dish with in-season herbs (mint, basil, parsley and chives all thrive in summer) or try adding grilled halloumi, olives and extra vegetables to make it your own.

“Summer is a great time to share food; it’s a great time to be in the kitchen,” says Sandro. “Get in there, enjoy it and enjoy seasonal produce.”

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If you’re looking for more ideas on what to do with summer fruit and vegetables, find inspiration in our dietitian-approved recipe collection.

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Dr Sandro Demaio

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Dr Sandro Demaio

Co-host of the ABC TV series ‘Ask the Doctor’, author of 30 scientific papers and ‘The Doctor’s Diet’ (a cookbook based on science), Dr Sandro Demaio is an Aussie medical doctor and global expert on non-communicable diseases.

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