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The best free apps to help you study better

Up your study game with these six free apps.

Woman sitting on floor scrolling through phone with open laptop in front of her
Woman sitting on floor scrolling through phone with open laptop in front of her

Juggling different subjects, exams and assignments can feel like a challenge, particularly if you are an international student also tackling the stress of moving to a new country! 

Staying focused and feeling organised can be a lot easier when you have the right tools and strategies. There is an entire range of creative and easy-to-use apps specially designed to help you coordinate your tasks, take notes, and feel productive while you study.  

These are six of the best free apps - guaranteed to help you navigate your busy student schedule and help you study better. 

1.   Microsoft To Do 

If you are the type of person with old to-do lists scribbled on paper and stuck around the house, the Microsoft To Do app might be exactly what you need. 

Microsoft To Do allows you to create files for each subject and drag tasks onto a daily checklist. Crossing off each item is satisfying and any task left incomplete will be stored, so you never need to worry about missing something urgent. 

Microsoft To Do is available for download on Google Play, Windows or the Apple Store

2.   Trello 

If you have ever done a group assignment, you will know that a disorganised team can become a serious headache. The Trello app is an absolute lifesaver, allowing you to allocate work to different group members and preventing tasks from slipping through the cracks. 

Trello allows you to track your team’s progress, plan milestones, and easily update notes during and after your meetings. 

You can find Trello online on the Apple Store, Google Play, or Windows

3.   Grammarly 

Small grammar and spelling mistakes are easy to make during a late-night assignment proofread. But these can quickly add up, potentially impacting your final grade. 

While Microsoft Word’s spell check will get you part of the way, Grammarly notices when you have used a phrase in the wrong context, can fix wordiness (helping with meeting strict word counts) and grammar, and even review tone and clarity. It is a wonderful way to feel more confident before sending off any essays. 

Grammarly is available for download on the Apple Store, Chrome Web Store, and Google Play

4.  Pomodor 

As a student, you may have heard of the Pomodoro Technique. This is a time management method incorporating short breaks of five minutes during focused 25-minute work sessions, which is shown to reduce distraction and fight burnout. 

Pomodor is a free, customisable web app, with a timer inspired by the Pomodoro Technique. You do not need to install anything, making it easy to use if it is your first time trying this technique. 

5.   Tiny Scanner 

Tiny Scanner turns your phone into a miniature, portable document scanner, turning any page into a PDF file. 

This app is perfect for sending off any last-minute documents or assignments. Need to upload your written calculations or save some hand-written notes to your computer? Tiny Scanner takes a clear photo and develops it into a scanned image, saving you the time and effort of finding a scanner on campus. 

Tiny Scanner is available on your mobile phone from the Apple Store or Google Play

6.   NTS Radio 

Research has shown that music can help reduce stress, and improve cognition and problem solving, so it can be a helpful accompaniment to your study session. If you are looking for some musical inspiration, check out NTS Radio. The service provides the perfect selection of lo-fi, ambient, and lyric-free playlists to help you focus. 

NTS Radio’s app lets you listen to live radio and a selection of curated mix tapes, including Slow Focus and Low Key. If you like to listen to white noise while you revise or write, you can even choose to tune into their Field Recordings, featuring the sounds of gardens, suburbs, and birdlife. 

The NTS Radio app is completely free, ad-free, and available online or for download on your phone at the Apple Store and Google Play

Make sure you also have the nib App! 

The nib App is another great option to help you stay on top of your health while you study. The app lets you easily find a local healthcare provider, submit a claim, and check your exclusive rewards (such as discounted yoga sessions – the perfect way to clear your mind during a stressful exam period).  

You can download it for your phone, either at the Apple Store or on Google Play.