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weight loss

12 Articles

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weight loss

12 Articles

Are carbs really bad for you?

Learn how to make the healthiest carb choices

How a weight check can save your life

Losing weight is an important step towards a healthy future

How a diabetes risk test can save your life

Learn about diabetes risk factors, diagnosis and treatment

Intuitive eating: What is it and can it help me lose weight?

Tap into intuitive eating for a healthy body and mind

Why is my waist size important?

Bring out the measuring tape – your waist size matters

Healthy ways to reach your daily energy (kj) requirements

Calculate your daily energy requirements for optimal health

Does yo-yo dieting make weight loss harder?

The downsides to yo-yo dieting and how to break the cycle

Aerobic exercises to improve your health

Boost your health and wellbeing with aerobic training

Weight loss: Fact and fiction

What's the key to weight loss success?

How do I know if my weight is affecting my health?

If you’re just a few kilos overweight, is it a problem?

Strength training vs cardio: What’s better for weight loss?

It’s the age-old question fitness professionals face

7 weight loss myths that are stopping you from reaching your goals

Here are some of the most common diet and exercise myths