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over 50s

16 Articles

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over 50s

16 Articles

10 brain exercises to improve your memory

Understanding memory loss is the first step to improving it

Preventing or reducing your risk of dementia starts now – here’s how

The risks and symptoms of dementia and how to prevent it

4 ways to protect the older people in your life from COVID-19

Hospitalisation rates are highest in 60 to 70-year-olds

Caring for someone with dementia: How you can help a loved one

It requires a lot of love, patience and perseverance

8 ways to keep healthy after 50

It's time to look after your #1 asset – your health

Deborah Hutton on the secret to finding balance

Deborah shares how you can transition from chaos to calm

Is brain fog real during menopause?

Here are a few tips to help keep brain fog at bay

How to eat, sleep and exercise your way through menopause

Life during and after menopause has to start with the basics

Deborah Hutton: Why menopause is a time to celebrate

It’s time to rediscover and embrace your changing body

Over 50s guide to thriving in winter

Find out how to survive and thrive through the cooler months

Feeling invisible after 50? 3 ways to get the attention you deserve

Deborah Hutton's tips on getting the attention you deserve

Why strength training is essential after 50

After 50, strength training becomes more crucial than ever