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going to hospital

24 Articles

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going to hospital

24 Articles

Recovering from surgery? Here’s what you need to know

It can involve anything from rest to physical rehabilitation

How to prepare your child for surgery

We'll help you support your child before and after surgery

What to expect from day surgery

We speak to the experts to prepare you for your procedure

What to expect from your first colonoscopy

We answer your most common questions about the procedure

How long does a referral last?

Dr Hamish Black answers your questions about referrals

I have a health concern, what do I do?

Dr Hamish Black answers your health concern questions

What is my blood type and why is it important?

Many of us still don’t know or understand our blood type

How do you know if someone is having a stroke?

Here are some of the signs that should ring alarm bells

Post-surgery tips and advice: What to expect

It’s a good idea to expect the unexpected as you heal

7 practical ways to help someone post-surgery

Looking for simple ways you can offer support?

7 things to do while recovering from surgery

Here are a few activities to help keep the boredom at bay