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29 Articles

Common workout injuries and how to avoid them

Feeling the burn after starting a new workout routine?

What is moderate-intensity exercise?

How much exercise do we need to do to reap the rewards?

Easy ways for over 60s to get active and lose weight

Exercising as we get older plays a huge role in our health

The physical and mental benefits of boxing

You can smash out a session with gloves and a spare 10 mins

The benefits of cycling

It's an efficient way to add exercise to your daily routine

The mental and physical health benefits of swimming

This low-impact activity provides a full-body workout

The health benefits of yoga

Yoga is one of the most holistic ways you can exercise

6 easy ways to achieve daily exercise goals

These expert tips will help you get moving every day

Aerobic exercises to improve your health

Boost your health and wellbeing with aerobic training

Trent Cotchin on earning his Tiger stripes

What can we expect from Trent and the team this season?

7 bodyweight workouts you can do at home

Now more than ever, it’s important to focus on your fitness

How to keep fit during the COVID-19 pandemic

Creating a new routine can help you stay on track