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Paul ‘The Chief’ Harragon reveals the travel advice he lives by

Paul Harragon smiles for the camera as he stands in a river with a group of people

A regular traveller, The Chief has learnt a few handy tips

Paul Harragon smiles for the camera as he stands in a river with a group of people

Whether he’s packing up his family of five for a vacation, captaining a burly team of footy players on their way to the next game or flying solo into the jungle, Paul Harragon has done his fair share of travel over the years.

And, he’s learnt a lot along the way.

So, we sat down for a chat with NRL legend and nib’s very own ‘The Chief’ to find out his insider tips on how to tackle your destination with ease.

1. Travelling solo?

Travelling solo doesn’t have to mean you’re in for a lonely trip. Paul says the key is a good ol’ fashion grin:

“Remember to bring a smile with you. It’s all about meeting people when you’re travelling on your own, so be a smile millionaire and hand them out. You will get a whole lot more out of your solo adventures when you’re open to meeting new people.”

Paul Harragon and his family on the beach

2. Travelling for business?

You may technically still be on the clock when you’re a business traveller, but don’t sacrifice your fitness for work. Paul is a huge believer in the mental and physical benefits of exercise,

“Exercising every day is just as important to me as eating breakfast. I don’t even think about it anymore. I just do it,” he explains.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of equipment or time to sneak in a good workout. When you’re travelling, all you really need is a phone, a phone charger and a set of gym clothes. You can go for a run around the city you’re visiting, or download a free training program online that includes body weight exercises.

3. Travelling with a sporting team?

Whether you’re the coach, the captain or a player, travelling with a sporting team doesn’t always mean that you’ll come home with a headache. Get your head in the game, focus on the win before the big match and don’t let yourself be tempted to party hard post-match if you’re not up for it.

Paul’s secret weapon when it comes to sport’s travel? Earplugs.

“When you’re travelling with your team, the chances are high that you’ll be rooming with someone – and you might end up with the squad’s snorer or the group’s party animal. Earplugs are the best way to maximise your chance of a good night’s sleep.”

Paul Harragon and his family posing in front of a sign

4. Travelling with family?

Heading off into the sunset, Griswold-style? When you’re preparing for a family holiday, it’s so easy to over-pack, which can result in excess baggage fees and a trip to the chiropractor from trying to lug three suitcases and a toddler. Father of three, Paul feels your pain.

“Try and trim down the amount you pack when trekking off with the family. If they’re old enough to pack their own bags, limit them to one suitcase each. If you’re packing for little ones, bring along laundry liquid – that way you can wash their clothes as they dirty them.”

The non-negotiable?

“A travel-sized medical kit is a must on family holidays. If your kids are anything like mine, you’ll never know when the Band-Aids, disinfectant and headache tablets will come in handy.”

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