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Health Insurance

Moving to Australia for work or study? Knowing what health insurance to get can be tricky, but nib is here to make things easier

Two people looking completing their tax online

Can taking out health insurance help you save on tax?

We share all the answers to your concerns and frequently asked questions surrounding health insurance tax in Australia

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A young man sits on the floor of his living room in front of his laptop as he talks on the phone

International students: What do I do if I’m taken to hospital?

What would happen if you required emergency treatment?

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A young woman rests hand on her mouth as she plays on her phone

What do I do if I get sick while I’m in Australia?

Getting sick is part of life. However, falling ill while you’re studying overseas can be scary, especially if you’re not sure where to go for support.

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Student searches for a doctor using nib's Find a Provider tool

International Visitors: How do I find a doctor?

Use our search tool to find a doctor near you

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Young international student with his backpack wearing a light green shirt

What you need to know about the Individual Health Identifier (IHI)

Know what support services are available in Australia

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Three young international university students laughing together while taking a walk

International students: What's the nib difference?

Some of the ways we make getting health cover easy

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A young woman laughing as she shops with friends

International student? 8 discounts you didn’t know you could get

From groceries to gym memberships, we can save you money

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Young woman checking the blue light on her mobile phone

International Visitors: How to make a claim on mobile

The nib app makes it easy to use your policy on the go

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An international student studying at a cafe

International visitors: What is nib member account?

Manage and access your nib health cover anytime, anywhere

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