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5 bizarre accidents that have ended up in a visit to the emergency ward

A dad's glasses fall off as his daughter bumps into him on a swing

Here are 5 bizarre accidents that nib has paid claims for.

A dad's glasses fall off as his daughter bumps into him on a swing

Private health insurance isn’t just for the footy-playing, adrenalin junkies who spend their down-time sky diving and eating takeaway; it’s also for those emergency ward visits that happen when you least expect it*.

From having your hand crushed by a cow to slipping on your stiletto, here are five of the most bizarre accidents that nib has paid claims for.


A cat plays with a woman's arm as she pats its belly

One woman learned that it’s never a good idea to mess with a grumpy kitten after a cat bite left her in hospital for two days.

Holy cow, it cost what?

A close-up of a cow's face

After having his hand crushed between a cow and a fence, one poor man required surgery which cost more than $4,000.

Sword-fighting fracture

A couple pretend to spar with umbrellas

It’s not every day you end up in hospital with a fractured arm after being hit while sparring with wooden swords, but when you do, you’ll want to know you’ve got private health insurance.

Stiletto slip

A woman walking in heels next to a slippery hazard sign

Any stiletto-wearer will tell you about the health hazards of high heels, but one Melbourne lass felt the vengeance of the Valentinos when she slipped over and broke a bone in her hand.

Snake charmer

A close-up of a snake in someone's hand

A boy in Queensland was bitten on the arm by a snake. Luckily, it only resulted in a short hospital stay and the young child managed to ‘snake if off’ without any serious damage.

Life is unpredictable which is why we offer Accidental Injury Benefit and Emergency Ambulance Cover as part of our current range of Hospital Covers that are available for sale*. With nib, you can get a quote online or call 13 16 42 to talk to one of our expert consultants about a policy that suits your needs.

*The nib Accidental Injury Benefit provides cover for treatment required as a result of an accident as an admitted patient in hospital. To be covered you must provide documented proof that you have sought treatment at a hospital emergency department, or medical practitioner like a GP, within 72 hours of the accident. In-hospital treatment as an admitted patient is covered for up to 90 days following the injury. Attendance at an emergency department is not classified as a hospital admission and is not covered by this benefit. See the nib Policy Booklet for more information.

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