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5 easy vegan meals you can meal prep this weekend

Vegan recipes that will sail you through weekend meal prep

Pumpkin Soup_Thumbnail
Pumpkin Soup_Thumbnail

To celebrate World Vegan Month, we’ve put together a range of hearty, plant-based recipes that you and your family can enjoy.

Veganism has copped its fair share of criticism over the years, but with more and more of us embracing vegan food, it’s time to give up the cheesy vegan jokes and take a look at the benefits of eating plant-based meals.

With meat production accounting for up to 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a strong argument that giving up (or cutting down) on meat consumption will make a big difference to the environment. To help ease the environmental impact of meat production, there’re companies around the globe working to produce an authentic-tasting, lab-grown hamburger patty. Denmark’s Mosa Meat is aiming to get its ‘slaughter-free’ burger patties to market by 2021 for about $US10 per patty.

And, it’s not just the environment that could benefit from going plant-based, there’s research to suggest that non-meat eaters tend to have lower LDL (the bad cholesterol), blood pressure and BMI – all of which reduce risk for many chronic diseases.

So, we’ve put together five of our favourite simple vegan recipes that you can prepare this weekend.

1. Vegan Moroccan one-pan dinner

Moroccan one pan dinner

With plenty of bold flavours, the thought of cooking Moroccan food can be daunting. But this vegan twist on a classic recipe brings together traditional vibrant Moroccan flavours and combines them with nutrient-packed veggies like chickpeas and quinoa. This recipe is sure to become a family favourite in no time at all.

2. One-pot vegan lasagne

This Tasty recipe combines two of our favourite things: one pot (less washing up!) and lasagne. Using cashews and basil to make a creamy pesto is genius, and this dish is perfect to pack for lunches throughout the week.

3. Blueberry blender pancakes

A plate of blueberry pancakes served with ricotta and strawberries

Nothing screams ‘indulgence’ like pancakes for breakfast and these vegan blueberry pancakes are the perfect way to start your day. You can prep the batter the day before and store in the fridge until you’re ready to pan fry.

4. Thai curry pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Soup_feature image

This classic brings in a Thai-inspired taste with the addition of red curry paste. Served with crusty bread or topped with a handful of crunchy croutons, this soup makes an easy cold weather meal full of pumpkin's good-for-you vitamins and minerals.

5. Chickpea curry with coconut milk

Nothing beats a hearty curry, but with the addition of chickpeas to this Killing Thyme vegan recipe, there’s no need to add any meat. Serve with naan bread or rice for a delicious dinner.

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