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nib encourages use of COVIDSafe app to protect members' health

We’ve extended our COVID-19 community support package. Read more.

We're committed to helping our members and the community stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we’re encouraging our members and employees to download the Australian Government's new contact-tracing app, COVIDSafe, to continue to protect their health.

By downloading COVIDSafe, members will help keep themselves, their families and the community safe from further spread of the coronavirus through early identification and notification of possible exposure.

"We understand many of our members and employees are faced with a lot of uncertainty during this time and contact-tracing is one way we can stay informed and feel empowered to make the right choices when it comes to your better health," said nib Managing Director Mark Fitzgibbon.

“The COVIDSafe app highlights the importance of data, accessible technology and diagnostics to better predict and, where possible, enhance individual and community wellbeing.

"This is very consistent with our own thinking and efforts to make private health insurance's future value proposition much more about people’s better health, rather than just responding to sickness or accident. There's no better evidence of this than our joint venture (Honeysuckle Health), with the large US health insurer Cigna, which will be able to help our members, with their consent, accurately predict individual disease risk and then more precisely prevent, manage and treat their disease," Mr Fitzgibbon added.

The more people that download COVIDSafe, the greater the chance we have of slowing the spread of coronavirus in our community, which has already impacted the health of thousands of Aussies.

For more information on COVIDSafe, including how to download the app and privacy information, visit

To learn more about how we're supporting our members during the pandemic, see our COVID-19 page.

Note: nib does not intend to and will not have any access to data shared via the COVIDSafe app.

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