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nib member cards

Your nib member card contains your name and member number for easy identification of you and your policy. Use it for claiming during visits to your dentist, physio, optometrist, or other Extras healthcare providers, and remember to keep it readily accessible for all medical appointments. Upon joining, we'll promptly send you your member card, and you can also request additional cards for other policy members as needed.


Your digital nib card

If you have a smartphone, you can access and provide your digital nib card to your healthcare provider, saving the need for the plastic card. Watch or listen to the video below to learn how to access your digital nib card on Apple and Android devices.

We send new members a plastic card when they join, so it's purely personal preference which version of the card you choose to use.

Ordering a new nib card 

You can order a new card in your member account or through the nib App. We will send your new card to you within 7-10 business days.

Remember, once you order a new card, your current card will no longer work. You can still use your digital card. 

Order a new card online 

  1. Log in to 

  2. From homepage select ‘Order a new card’ 

  3. Select the person on your policy who needs a new card 

  4. Select the reason you need a new card 

  5. Ensure you address is up to date so we send the card to the right location

  6. Select ‘Submit’ and we’ll do the rest! 

Order a new card in the nib App 

  1. Simply open your App and go to the ‘Account’ section. 

  2. Tap on ‘nib card’ 

  3. Select ‘Order a physical card’ 

  4. The next screen will prompt you to add a digital card to your smartphone if you haven’t already done so. Tap ‘Not now’ to continue ordering your physical card 

  5. Confirm your postal address as this is where we will send the card 

  6. Tap 'Order a physical card’ and we’ll do the rest!

I’ve updated my details; do I have to order a new nib card?

If you've updated your details, we will automatically send you a new nib card, so there's no need to manually order one. If you’re using the digital card, it will update automatically (Apple users: please ensure you have 'Automatic Updates' enabled within Apple Wallet). Please contact us if any details on your card are incorrect.

Using your card to claim after an appointment

Scan your nib card to claim on the spot at any healthcare provider with a HICAPS card terminal. If your claim is successful, the amount we can pay will be automatically calculated and your claim instantly processed, so you'll only pay the difference.

TIP: Before making an appointment

Check your remaining Extras benefits nib App!

If you forget to bring your card to your appointment, you’ll have to pay the full amount charged by your healthcare provider, and then submit a claim in your member account via the nib App or online.

If you’ve got your digital card handy on your iPhone or Android device, you won’t need to remember to bring your physical one!

Unable to claim using your nib card?

If your card isn’t working, there are a few things you can check in your member account that may identify the problem:

  • Are you covered for the service you’re trying to claim on?

  • Have you served your waiting periods?

  • Have you reached your annual limit for the service?

  • Are you up to date with paying your premiums?

If your card still isn’t working please contact us.

More information about your nib card, including the terms you agree to by using it, is in your Policy Booklet or Fund Rules.

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