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How to get a refund of my OSHC

If your situation has changed and you need a refund of your Overseas Student Health Cover, you can submit a refund request form from your member account.

Log in to request a refund

The quickest way to request a refund is to complete the online form in your member account. You'll find the form in the Payments section of your account.

You can request a refund of your OSHC for the following reasons:

  • You paid for cover but are not coming to Australia

  • You have been studying in Australia and your student visa was not extended, was cancelled or a renewal/extension was refused

  • You are no longer on a student visa

  • You have been granted permanent residence in Australia

  • You need to leave Australia before the end of your studies and approved period of stay

  • Your visa start or end dates have changed

  • You are not living in Australia for three months or more

  • You have taken out OSHC with another health fund

  • You want to downgrade the policy (eg. family to single)

If you can’t log in to access your member account, you can complete a PDF form and return it to us with the relevant documents. You'll find the form on our Forms and brochures page.

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