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Adding or removing someone from your cover

Adding someone to your policy, like your partner, a newborn baby, or other dependants, is simple. Just contact us, and we'll help you through the process. Keep reading for answers to common questions about adding people to your policy.

Adding a partner or spouse to your policy 

Call us or chat with us using nibby chat to add your partner or spouse to your health insurance cover.  

Waiting periods are required for new members, however we will recognise waiting periods served with another fund. Claims your partner or spouse has already made during the current calendar year are removed from their annual limits

We're happy to send the transfer certificate request on your behalf. Alternatively, you can email us the transfer certificate at [email protected]. Just make sure to include your policy number in the subject of the email so we can easily link it to your account. 

You also need to upgrade your policy to couples or family cover if you currently have singles cover. 

Once your partner or spouse has been added to your cover, you can make them the primary policyholder at any time, even if they’re still serving their waiting periods.  

How to add a newborn to your health cover

If you already have a family health cover when your baby comes along, simply contact us to add your baby’s name to your cover. Add your baby to the policy within 24 months of birth to have the same health cover entitlements as the longest serving parent. 

If you have a singles or couples policy, you'll need to upgrade to a family or single parent cover within two months of your baby's birth to ensure they don't need to serve any waiting periods. If you’re currently serving a waiting period, your child will automatically serve the same waiting period when they’re added to your cover. The waiting period ends the same date as yours. 

Read more about 'Updating or changing your cover’. 

Will adding my newborn increase my premiums? 

Your premium won't change if you have family cover. However, if you currently hold singles or couples cover, your premium will increase when you switch to family or single parent cover.

Adding adopted and foster children to your policy

Adding adopted children to your cover is a straightforward process. You’ll need to provide supporting documentation, such as court orders or adoption papers and ensure they’re added to your policy within a specified timeframe based on the type of cover you have:  

  • Singles cover: Two months from the date the dependant came into your care. 

  • Couples cover: Two months from the date the dependant came into your care. 

  • Family cover: Two years from the baby's date of birth or two years from the date the dependant came into your care. 

You can add foster children to your policy from the date that you notify us. If they weren't covered previously or if they've upgraded, they might need to undergo waiting periods. We’ll need supporting documentation like a court order, statutory declaration, confirmation from Centrelink or a letter from the foster organisation.   

Feel free to call us anytime and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process. Please be aware waiting periods may apply.

How to remove someone from your cover 

Need to remove someone off your cover? Easy! Simply give us a call or chat with our friendly team members online. Only the policyholder or spouse with authority can remove someone from your cover. Where possible we will ask you for contact details of the person being removed so we can advise them that they have been removed and discuss options for continued cover.  

If the person being removed decides against taking out cover, we want to make sure they're aware that this may count towards their absent days or could potentially impact their Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading if they decide to get private health insurance later. We also give a 30-day window to backdate a policy so that the member can maintain their continued cover. 

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