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Alcohol and wellbeing self-assessment tool aims to combat risky drinking behaviours

Hello Sunday Morning's app supports Shea's personal journey

A group of friends at a table celebrating holding wine glasses
A group of friends at a table celebrating holding wine glasses

Hello Sunday Morning, supported by nib foundation, has launched an online Alcohol and Wellbeing self-assessment, and a range of other tools to help Aussies assess their drinking habits and take care of their health.

Meet Shea, a physio and father living in Melbourne who made the decision to go alcohol-free for one year. With the help of Hello Sunday Morning’s Daybreak app and the self-assessment tool, Shea was able to better understand his relationship with alcohol and find support through a like-minded community of people looking to make changes to their drinking habits.

Listen to Shea's story here:

Designed using insights from those challenged first-hand with managing their drinking habits, the tool identifies users' habits through a quick five-minute confidential assessment, and then provides a personalised report of the findings. Users are also directed to clinically backed health and wellbeing information, advice, and assistance to suit their individual circumstances.

Alcohol and drug treatment and support

The self-assessment tool was developed following research from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (2020) which highlighted 90% of people with a substance use disorder do not access appropriate treatment and care. In addition, the research found there is a shortage of qualified health professionals trained in alcohol-related treatment. The self-assessment tool was designed to help bridge this gap, by ensuring help-seekers could easily access clinically-backed support, services and information from the comfort of their own home.

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nib claims data from 2021 financial year also revealed a rise in alcohol-related mental health claims, with upwards of $9 million in claims. More notably, nib data also revealed a 36% increase in the number of younger members aged 39 and under who had at least one alcohol-related mental health admission during this time (1).

The nib foundation

By supporting programs like Hello Sunday Morning's self-assessment tool, the nib foundation hopes to help all Australians, young and old, better understand their health behaviours. In equipping users with the right tools to support their own journey, we hope to reduce the burden of disease from alcohol consumption through better individual management of long-term health and wellbeing.

Take the Alcohol and Wellbeing Self-assessment today.

Download the Daybreak app.

You can also find out more about nib's partnership with Hello Sunday Morning, or check out their website

1. Claims data retrieved from Financial Year 2021. Includes Australian Residents Health Insurance members only, including whitelabel brands.