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nib launches digital fitness offering with access to Centr, Kic and FitOn Health Apps

Two women in their 30s wearing grey exercise clothes and doing a barre class together

• nib adds member value with access to Centr, Kic and FitOn Health digital wellbeing Apps
• up to 10,000 nib members get introductory three-month subscription
• offer builds on nib’s strategy to be health partner to members, offering more than health insurance

nib, an ASX-listed health and global travel insurer, has launched a digital fitness program, providing nib members with three months of unlimited access to Chris Hemsworth’s Centr, plus Kic and FitOn Health wellness platforms. The aim is to help members get active, stay fit and achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Available through the nib mobile app, the digital fitness subscription allows members to better track their activity and overall fitness, while being able to access personalised health guidance and fitness classes available through Centr, Kic and FitOn Health.

“We have partnered with three leading fitness platforms to bring together some of the best programs and advice to support members achieve better health and wellness. This is in line with our broader health partner strategy, to help our members stay healthy and well, anywhere, any time,” said Ed Close, nib’s Chief Executive, Australian Residents Health Insurance (arhi).

“nib is delighted to be supporting two homegrown Australian fitness brands, Centr and Kic, and one of America’s leading digital wellness platforms FitOn Health,” said Mr Close.
As part of the launch, nib will offer introductory digital fitness subscriptions to 10,000 nib private health insurance members* at no extra cost for three months.

Centr provides personalised workout programs, meal plans and mindfulness tools to unlock total well-being from Chris Hemsworth's team of experts.

Kic offers guided workouts, delicious recipes and access to a supportive community. It’s the feel-good fitness app designed for women who want to improve their health and wellbeing.
With more than 15 million members worldwide, FitOn Health delivers on-demand workout classes led by celebrity trainers, with personalised fitness plans to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.

“nib has a range of measures that aim to help members get well, and stay well. This includes our HealthCheck, which provides personalised health insights and recommendations for improving your health**, a digital symptom checker, which uses AI to help determined the type of care a member may need access to, GP telehealth to support your everyday healthcare needs, and now fitness,” said Mr Close.

Steph Claire Smith, Chief Community Officer of Kic, said: "We are really excited for Kic to be a part of nib’s digital fitness offering to help nib further support its members on their personal health and wellbeing journeys. We know through the work we do with our Kic community that a strong sense of empowerment comes from making sustainable, healthy changes and the easier nib can make this for people the more empowered their members will be to achieve their health and wellness goals."

In the six months to 31 December 2023, nib carried out more than 11,000 health assessments, including 5,500 skin checks via the nib assessment tool; and enrolled around 9,397 people in health management programs. This included supporting more than 4,000 participants in a hospital support program that is designed to reduced unplanned readmissions to hospital. nib also paid $1.2 billion in claims, over the six months, for 224,670 hospital admissions, and more than two million ancillary health visits.

The digital fitness offer is available through nib’s app, via the new health tab, which is already used by more than 450,0003 members, to make claims, check balances, book a telehealth appointment with a doctor, get a prescription delivered to the door, or get a medical certificate.

* The redemption period runs from 15 April to 31 August 2024, or until all the licences are issued as part of offer.
** ~37,000 nib members have completed the nib HealthCheck since its launch.

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