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nib Group welcomes the NDIS Review report as a blueprint for the future

Three people playing basketball, one person is in a wheelchair.

nib Group CEO Mark Fitzgibbon has welcomed the release of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Review “Working Together to deliver the NDIS” as a blueprint for a simpler, fairer and more transparent NDIS.

Mr Fitzgibbon commended the Review team, headed by Professor Bruce Bonyhady and Ms Lisa Paul, for their comprehensive analysis and detailed recommendations.

“We welcome recommendations aimed at streamlining and simplifying the process for people in the NDIS, including consolidating the roles of intermediaries as we recommended in our submissions to the review,” he said. “This will lead to significant improvements in the participant experience of the NDIS.”

Mr Fitzgibbon said the review recommendations are very much aligned with the company’s vision for the future of the NDIS and disability support. 

“We’re already developing nib Thrive to be much more than about processing transactions. We aim to support our 40,000 current and future participants with a more seamless and integrated experience in their plan design, support service procurement and ongoing management of their plans. The kind of “navigator” the review imagines. As important as the plan management regime is today and will remain for some time, it’s always been a starting point for us in pursuing this broader vision,” he said.

Mr Fitzgibbon commented that bringing to life so many of the Review recommendations will take time and especially require a level of technological investment that nib has well underway:  “Technologies that will help participants design a plan with the likes of AI, select support providers with transparency around costs and quality, improve payment integrity and reduce fraud, incorporate healthcare management and allow participants to better engage with their support providers.” 

According to Mr Fitzgibbon, nib also sees opportunity with respect to “foundational” supports for people with disabilities who don’t qualify for NDIS funding. 

“We believe our navigator platform will be attractive to people with identified disabilities whether or not they are eligible for NDIS funding. It may mean they self-fund but they see real value in being part of nib Thrive in helping them achieve their goals.

“nib looks forward to working closely with Commonwealth, state and territory governments and the disability community to deliver an NDIS that better meets the needs of people with disability, their families and carers. nib’s 70 years’ experience in supporting Australians with their healthcare, including matching providers of health services with end users, means we are ideally placed to support participants as they navigate the NDIS.”

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