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Supporting our members with disaster relief

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the recent flooding in VIC and NSW. To support our affected members, we’re offering a flood disaster relief package so that members can focus on taking care of their home and family, knowing their health is protected. 

A man walking through a flooded street

What is the flood relief package?
Eligible members in flood-affected areas can access extra financial hardship support beyond our standard assistance measures, including a 30 day health insurance premium waiver and the option to suspend their policy for three months. 

The relief package will be available for eligible members from 24 October 2022 with no waiting period applied. We hope this helps to provide some financial relief during this difficult time.

Am I eligible for the flood relief package?
Eligible nib members are:

  • Australian Residents Health Insurance members, as well as our whitelabel partners backed by nib. GU Health members (excluding fully subsidised members) are also eligible

  • International Worker members (premium waiver only) who can provide proof of financial impact (46.03kb)

The premium waiver will be available to eligible nib members who:

Eligible members can access the relief package until 31 December 2022. Members are encouraged to call us on 131 463 and ask for 'financial relief' to discuss their options. International worker members are encouraged to contact us to verify their eligibility.

Members who have previously received a nib premium relief waiver due to a natural disaster event - such as the Australian bushfires, drought or the COVID-19 pandemic - are still eligible to apply for the flood disaster relief package.

International student members are not eligible for the flood disaster relief package.

Having support is so important during times of crisis and we encourage anyone who needs help to contact our nib foundation partner Lifeline on 13 11 14, text 0477 13 11 14 or visit their website.