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Gym and weight management claiming

You can claim on gym membership and weight management programs if you have Extras health cover that includes Healthier Lifestyle benefits.

How do I claim?

For gym membership or personal training sessions, your medical provider, such as a doctor or physio, needs to sign a Health Management Form to confirm that the membership or services used are part of a health management program.

The medical provider that completes the form can't be associated with the business providing your health management program. For example, if you attend personal training and physio sessions at the same business, a different medical provider such as your GP will need to complete your form.

Scan or take a photo of your completed form, making sure it’s clear and doesn’t cut off any details, and submit it as a claim along with the receipt from your nib recognised fitness centre online or in the nib App.

The form is valid for two years from the first time you claim for a Healthier Lifestyle service. After two years, you'll need to submit a new form to continue claiming for this service. For nib recognised weight management programs, you do not need a Health Management Form; simply submit a copy of your receipt.

Your fitness centre or weight management program needs to be recognised by nib. If you’re unsure if your provider is recognised by nib, you can ask your gym or program provider, or contact us.

As with any of your Extras inclusions, be sure to check your annual limits and if any waiting periods apply.

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