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The benefits of private health insurance

Concierge services and discounts - just to name a few

A young woman smiles as she cuts a capsicum in her kitchen
A young woman smiles as she cuts a capsicum in her kitchen

Most of us know that our health insurance protects us should we require medical assistance, but did you know that being a member with nib could also allow you to save money on your next grocery bill? Or that nib offers access to a range of health programs free of charge3? Or that having private health insurance could save you money at tax time?

At nib, we’re passionate about giving our members value for money, which is why each year we work at ways we can make your life easier, healthier and more affordable to help you take advantage of your private health cover.

Concierge services, rewards and discounts and extra product benefits – when you’re a member of nib, here’s just a few of the benefits you'll receive1.

1. Free recipes and grocery discounts

Eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables doesn’t have to mean stocking up on overpriced activated almonds. At nib, we like to keep things simple, which is why we’ve partnered with nutritionists and dietitians to develop a new range of exclusive recipes. To help you on your way to healthy eating, we also offer discounts off your grocery purchases at both Coles and Woolworths1to help you save on your next grocery bill. Head to the nib Rewards page for more information.

Whether you’re a gym junkie, runner or weekend walker, we want to reward you for embracing exercise

2. Access to more affordable health providers

It can be tricky to find a dentist, optometrist or physio for you and your family. You’ve got to consider location and cost, but also reputation and availability – because no one wants to wait months for an appointment when you need help now!

Finding ways to minimise out-of-pocket expenses is just one of the advantages of having private health insurance with nib, with access to the nib First Choice network, our community of specially selected health providers who’ve agreed to provide nib members with quality healthcare, great customer service and value for money. Not only does this network include dentists and optometrists, but it also includes physiotherapists2!

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3. Health management programs

When it comes to getting healthy, you should never underestimate the difference a few lifestyle changes can make. At nib, we offer eligible members access to a range of Health Management programs to help you manage, for example, your joint pain, weight, diabetes, heart health, anxiety or depression. The programs are available at no additional cost for eligible members3 and delivered by qualified health professionals, so you can access all the tools you need to feel your best.

4. Expansion of our Clinical Partners program

Going to hospital isn’t generally something we enjoy and for those who require a hip or knee replacement, the financial stress can be daunting. At nib, we’ve been working hard to develop and expand our Clinical Partners program. This program is a network of experienced orthopaedic surgeons who have committed to performing hip and knee joint replacement surgery with no out of pocket expenses. The Clinical Partners program is currently available in most locations across Australia. You can search our network of Clinical Partners to find one closest to you.

Check out our article, Planning a hip or knee replacement? How nib’s Clinical Partners program can help for more information.

5. Easier (and convenient) to claim and access your policy

We’ve updated the nib App so you can now submit your claims even quicker with our smart document recognition functionality. The nib App also means you can access details of your policy easily, so you can find out what you’re covered for and see what you’ve already claimed.

We’re continuously making improvements to the nib App. Keep up to date with any changes through our dedicated Mobile apps page.

6. Activewear discounts

Whether you’re a gym junkie, a running enthusiast or a weekend walker, we want to reward you for embracing exercise, which is why we’ve partnered with online sports and performance wear sites, New Balance and Rebel Sport to give nib members up to 20% off1. Log in to the nib Rewards page for your discount and get shopping.

If you’re sick of paying full price for some of your everyday shopping, check out the full range of discounts available through nib Rewards today.

7. Freebies anyone? Get more from you health cover

Who doesn't love a freebie? At nib, we recognise that wellness shouldn't just be about private health cover. That's why we provide our members with a range of complimentary health and wellbeing tools to help you feel your best! Our free Health Check tool delivers personalised insights and actionable recommendations to help you kickstart your journey to better health. Curious about your skin cancer risk? Take three minutes to complete your free skin check and get personalised insights and information about how to check your skin.

At nib, we believe that health and wellbeing should be accessible to everyone. Whether you've opted for basic hospital cover to avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge or manage your health for free with Greenpass, our range of complimentary health and wellbeing tools allows you to save money without compromising your health.

8. You could save money at tax time

Hands up who wants to save some money at tax time? (We're presuming a lot of hands flew into the air).

If you're an Australian taxpayer eligible for Medicare without private hospital insurance and your income exceeds certain thresholds, you may be liable for the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). Singles earning over $93,000 or families with a combined taxable income exceeding $186,000 could be subject to the MLS. To avoid the MLS, consider taking out appropriate private hospital cover if your income surpasses the thresholds. Head to the ATO to read more.

Getting private health cover before you hit the big 3-1 you could also save money in the long run by helping you avoid Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading, a government scheme designed to encourage us Australians to get private hospital cover earlier in life. If you haven't taken out or maintained private patient hospital cover starting from the year you turn 31, and you choose to get private hospital cover later in life, you'll incur a 2% LHC loading on your premium for each year you're over 30. Learn how to avoid Lifetime Health Cover loading4.

9. Convenient digital membership cards

Have you ever rummaged through your wallet for a membership card while the cashier waits patiently (and the line of customers behind you increases)? We’ve all been there.

At nib, we’re passionate about making your health cover as simple as possible to use. That’s why we’ve made your nib membership card available on your Android or Apple smartphone. Download the your card using the nib app for Android or Apple and next time you visit your health professional and need to make a claim, simply tap and go.

Not with nib and ready to take advantage of our members-only perks? Get a quote today or contact our member service team on 13 16 42.

1T&Cs apply. Some offers may vary or be available for a limited time. nib Rewards are available to new health insurance members after 30 days of membership, provided premium payments are up to date.

2nib First Choice providers offer discounted fees for many commonly claimed dental treatments, many commonly claimed physiotherapy consultations, and standard discounts on their retail price for select single vision prescription glasses and other optical products, as agreed with nib. These fees and discounts are reviewed at least annually and are subject to change. Always check or the nib App before booking to ensure your provider participates or simply ask your provider if they are part of nib’s network at the time of booking. Providers occasionally leave the nib First Choice network so it’s important to check before booking to avoid disappointment.

3Available to eligible nib members who’ve held Hospital Cover for 12 months and served their relevant waiting periods. Additional eligibility criteria apply to individual programs.z

4Visit the Australian Tax Office for specific rules for calculating income for MLS purposes.