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7 healthy Halloween snacks (that the kids will love)

Hand them out to trick-or-treaters or eat them yourself

A group of young kids wearing bandanas and a pirate hat snack on watermelon
A group of young kids wearing bandanas and a pirate hat snack on watermelon

Halloween has traditionally been a holiday celebrated by our American friends. But over the last decade, as the sun sets on October 31, Aussie streets turn into playgrounds filled with Disney princesses, pirates and superheroes.

If you’re planning to celebrate Halloween this year, but you’d rather not hand out sugar-filled lollies and preservative-laden treats, don’t stress.

We’ve put together seven healthy Halloween snack swaps that you can hand out to trick-or-treaters, give to your kids or save and eat yourself (we won't tell).

2. Immune-boosting gummy bears

This is a recipe that you can get your kids to help with! Using only three ingredients – juice, gelatine and honey – this is the perfect alternative to store-bought lollies.

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A plate of gummy bears

4. Healthy macadamia blender brownies

Quick, healthy and delicious – we dare you to find a child who will say ‘no’ to these chocolatey treats.

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A tray of macadamia brownies

5. Vegan and gluten-free snickers bars

This recipes takes a little more time, but the results are worth it. A great alternative to handing out store-bought choccies, this contains the natural sugars and fibre of dates and protein-filled peanut butter.

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A close-up of a healthy version of a Snickers bar

6. Chocolate covered banana pops

Another awesome recipe that your kids can help you make, these choc-covered banana pops have just four ingredients. Our recommendation? Store in the freezer and grab them each time the doorbell rings (otherwise you could end up with a mess!).

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A banana coated with chocolate and nuts split over two sticks
Credit: Be Good Organics

7. Salt and vinegar popcorn

With only four ingredients, this is a cheap and quick snack. Simply scoop a cup full of the pre-prepared popcorn into paper bags and keep by the door ready for trick or treaters.

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