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The 10 most popular health articles on The Check Up

A young woman playing on the shore of a beach

Want to know what everyone's been reading on The Check Up?

A young woman playing on the shore of a beach

Aussies love a countdown - and whether you prefer the original Molly Meldrum variety, or you'd rather read a Buzzfeed listicle, there's something out there for every taste and genre.

And, The Check Up is no different.

We've had more than 300,000 page visits, published more than a hundred articles and interviewed some big names in wellbeing and medicine, as well as a few sporting greats. So to celebrate, we've put together our top 10 articles to let you have a sticky-beak into what everyone else is reading.

1. Paul 'The Chief' Harragon reveals his 8 health tips for men

Paul Harragon smiles at the camera as he sits on a grassy hill

For some serious wellbeing tips, you really can’t go past Paul ‘Chief’ Harragon – from daily meditation to a surprisingly fun training regimen, the man’s got you covered when it comes to your 2018 health goals.

2. 5 bizarre ways to flu-proof yourself – that have science backing them!

A young woman blows her nose as she sits outdoors at a café

If you thought science was about as fun as watching paint dry, this article is a must-read. We trawled through research journals to find some of the weird and wonderful ways that you can flu-proof yourself – all backed by research. Word of warning: there’s a surprising fact about your boogers that could change the way you blow your nose.

3. NSW Blues players vs NRL legends: who does it best?

State of Origin graphic featuring the test old vs new

State of Origin fever hits Aussies hard every year, so we sat down with some current Blues players, as well as a few legends of the game to find out how their pre-game rituals differ. Let’s just say that the current players take a far healthier approach to prepping for the big match!

4. Star Trek’s Tricorder is here and it could soon be in your first aid kit

A man on top of a rock holds his phone up in the air

Trekkies and tech-heads unite: there’s now a device that rivals the Tricorder. This space-age sensor can monitor your vital signs, body chemistry and biological functions and then syncs the results to an app. We weren’t the only ones geeking-out over this device – this article was one of our most read pieces of 2017.

5. Can I take my referral to any specialist?

A female doctor laughs with her patient as she makes notes

It’s a question that stumps a lot of us. If you’ve been given a referral by your GP, do you HAVE to visit the specialist they’ve recommended on it, or can you take it elsewhere? We researched the Department of Human Services and have the official answer – and it’s good news, we promise!

6. Private vs Public Health Insurance: A tale of two medical emergencies

A man's legs standing in front of two arrows pointing left and right

We’re often asked what the difference is between the public health system and having private health insurance, so we put together a pretty awesome (not biased at all) infographic to map out the two journeys.

7. 4 types of activewear that could work against you

A couple wearing active wear laugh together as they walk down an empty road

Far from attire only suitable for weightlifters and cross-fitters, activewear is now a wardrobe staple of Aussies across the country. However, there are some elements of your workout gear that could be bad for your health – and it seems thousands of The Check Up’s readers take their activewear seriously, with this article coming in as one of the most read of the year.

8. 5 bizarre accidents that have ended up in a visit to the emergency ward

A young girl bumps into her dad as she swings

If you thought steering clear of contact sports and daredevil activities would make you immune to a visit to the emergency room, you thought wrong. We put together five of the more unusual accidents that nib paid claims for – including a nasty wooden sword fighting incident.

9. Are you at risk of heart disease? 12 signs you need to know

Man wearing a beanie eats a burger

Did you know that heart disease is one of the country’s biggest killers? And, with one Australian dying from cardiovascular disease every 12 minutes, it’s highly likely you, or someone you know will be affected in the future. So, we put together some of the biggest risk factors of this deadly disease.

10. The e-doctor is in: How to get a sick note without leaving home

A young woman plays on her phone by a window sill holding a cup of tea

The last thing most of us feel like doing when we’re home with the flu is to get out of our pyjamas, drive to a GP clinic and sit in a waiting room to get a doctor’s certificate. That’s where telehealth can help; you can have a videoconference with a doctor from the comfort of your own bed – we explain how you can get your next sick note!

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