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18 Articles

Managing your medication: 5 questions to ask before you pop a pill

We explore how to manage your medication effectively

5 brain cancer myths, busted

We debunk the myths of brain cancer and confirm the facts

8 ways e-cigarettes are worse for your health than you think

Studies are linking vaping to some serious health concerns

Is your reusable drink bottle making you sick?

Your reusable water bottle could be swarming with bacteria!

What’s the hottest temperature the human body can cope with?

The body can handle a lot, but how hot is too hot?

Adrenalin junkies - turns out your brain could be stronger...

Did you know daredevils might have a stronger brain?

Why do I have floating spots in my eyes?

Figure out whether your eye floaters are harmful or harmless

Will this year’s flu be one of the deadliest yet?

We get expert predictions and advice on the 2018 flu season

Signs you’re having a quarter-life crisis

4 signs you’re having a quarter-life crisis and what to do

Who should I see for what? The doctor dictionary

We’ve put together some common doctors & their specialities

What’s the difference between branded and generic medications?

What's the difference between branded & generic medication?

What is UV Damage and how does it affect your eyes?

It's not just ongoing UV exposure that can damage your eyes