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mental health

12 Articles

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mental health

12 Articles

Looking after your mental wellbeing during COVID-19

Start off by taking some deep, slow breaths

Connected but lonely: How social media can harm your mental health

There are ways to minimise negative effects of social media

The impact of stress in Australia

Stress, its link to mental health and coping strategies

Mark Hughes: 5 lessons I’ve learnt since my brain cancer diagnosis

Mark reveals why it's crucial to have a positive outlook

Mental health vs mental illness

Let's explore the differences and how they intersect

7 ways to support a loved one with mental illness

When a loved one is struggling, do you know what to say?

Struggling to sleep? Your circadian rhythm could be to blame

If you suffer from the dreaded 3pm slump, listen up

How happy are we? Australia's happiness index

The biggest predictor of happiness might surprise you

The effects of stress on your body

We delve into what stress is and how to deal with it

The ground-breaking link between food and your mood

Research is helping to untangle how and why this link exists