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mental health

32 Articles

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mental health

32 Articles

How to create and maintain deep, meaningful friendships

The key to forming friendships that last a lifetime

How to sleep better

How you can get a better night’s sleep

Does sleep deprivation matter?

What happens to your body when you don't get enough sleep?

The importance of happiness chemicals

Happiness chemicals have a huge impact on how we feel

Social anxiety: What it is and how to live with it

Discover what causes social anxiety and what to do about it

What is serotonin and how do I increase it?

Known as the happiness chemical, it helps regulate our mood

Breakups and depression: 7 ways to help you get back to mental health

How to cope with sadness or depression after a breakup

5 ways to completely wind down after work

Expert tips to make winding down after work easy

Preventing or reducing your risk of dementia starts now – here’s how

The risks and symptoms of dementia and how to prevent it

10 brain exercises to improve your memory

Understanding memory loss is the first step to improving it

How loneliness affects your body (and what to do about it!)

Four ways loneliness could be affecting your health

10 foods that can help lift your mood

The foods that can lift (and lower) your dopamine levels