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international workers

19 Articles

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international workers

19 Articles

What do I do if I get sick while I’m in Australia?

Navigating the Australian medical system if you fall ill

International worker? Tips on fitting in at your Australian workplace

We have a few tips for getting ahead at work in Australia

Healthy living in Australia on a budget

Being healthy can be cheap, easy and fun

3 things you need to do before you apply for a job in Australia

Your guide to visas, your rights at work and insurance

International Visitors: How do I find a doctor?

Use our search tool to find a doctor near you

An international student’s guide to preparing a resume

Follow these easy steps for a great resume in no time

A guide to interpreting Australian slang

Here’s your guide to commonly used slang Down Under

Australian culture guide for international students

Here's a list of some common traits of Australian culture

7 things you should know before moving to Australia

Australia is a popular destination for students and workers

Moving to Melbourne: 6 things you need to know

What you'll need to know before making the move to Melbourne

5 tips for moving to Sydney: What you need to know

What you’ll need to know if you’re looking to live in Sydney

A guide to Australian public holidays (and how to celebrate)

Here’s your guide to the key public holidays in Australia