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international students

25 Articles

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international students

25 Articles

What do I do if I get sick while I’m in Australia?

Navigating the Australian medical system if you fall ill

International students: What do I do if I’m taken to hospital?

What would happen if you required emergency treatment?

The biggest questions you have about studying in Australia

Want to study in Australia? Here's what you need to know

10 safety tips for international students

Basic safety tips to follow if you're visiting Australia

Overseas students: How to choose the right Australian university

Find the right university for your Australian studies

International worker? Tips on fitting in at your Australian workplace

We have a few tips for getting ahead at work in Australia

Healthy living in Australia on a budget

Being healthy can be cheap, easy and fun

Preparing for a job interview as an international student

The secret to succeeding in your job interview is simple

International student? 8 discounts you didn’t know you could get

From groceries to gym memberships, we can save you money

An international student’s guide to preparing a resume

Follow these easy steps for a great resume in no time

A guide to interpreting Australian slang

Here’s your guide to commonly used slang Down Under

Australian culture guide for international students

Here's a list of some common traits of Australian culture