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Vote for the charity you think deserves $40,000

Peoples choice vote 2021 featuring Black Dog Institute, Live Life Get Active, and Skin Check Champions

You get to decide which partner will receive $40,000

Peoples choice vote 2021 featuring Black Dog Institute, Live Life Get Active, and Skin Check Champions

We’re calling on the community and nib members to participate in our People’s Choice Vote!

You get to decide which Health Smart partner will receive an extra $40,000 from nib foundation to continue helping youth and young adults to grow their health literacy and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. This will bring their funding to a total of $80,000 as part of our Health Smart Grants.

The partners participating in our People’s Choice Vote are Skin Check Champions, The Banksia Project and Live Life Get Active.

Find out more about each charity before casting your vote below.

1. Skin Check Champions

After losing their mate to melanoma, a group of friends started a charity called Skin Check Champions – inspiring more Aussies to get regular skin checks. To help, they're developing a tool called ‘The Spot Bot’, which will live on Facebook Messenger and guide people through the entire skin check process. From finding your nearest clinic, to making a booking and knowing what to ask while you're in there.

“It's super exciting to be building Spot Bot with the assistance of nib foundation," says Jimmy Niggles, the Skin Check Champions CEO. "We can't wait to get it out there and into the hands of Aussies all around the country".

“If we're lucky enough to win the People’s Choice Vote, we’ll be able to showcase the Spot Bot at our pop-up clinics. That’s where we provide free, educational skin checks, assisted by Artificial Intelligence, to places where they're needed most, particularly in regional communities. Your support will quite literally, save Australia's skin!"

2. The Banksia Project

Nine Australians take their life every day, and of the nine, seven are men. Despite these devastating statistics, men are also the least likely to seek professional help for their mental health.

To help provide greater avenues of support for men, The Banksia Project offers free, online mental health programs, allowing men from across Australia to jump online, connect with like-minded peers, share their experiences and access the support they need in a judgement-free environment.

“If The Banksia Project wins nib foundation’s People's Choice Vote, we will be able to expand our virtual and community Growth Rooms program nationally, providing more men with access to free support, particularly in rural locations,” says Peter Seligman, CEO of The Banksia Project.

“By increasing factors such as social connection, purpose, happiness and resilience, The Banksia Project helps Australian men during the early stages of their journey towards mental wellbeing, which, ultimately, will help reduce suicide rates, supporting men to live happier, healthier lives."

3. Live Life Get Active

According to the Australian Burden of Disease Study, 2.6% of Australia’s disease burden is due to physical inactivity, which could be reduced if we all did as little as 15 minutes of exercise each day. Live Life Get Active is hoping to improve these stats through the delivery of their ‘Always Here’ online fitness series. With the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting the lives of many Australians, including their fitness routines, the classes are designed to provide easy access to workouts, recipes and health information so more Aussies can keep on top of their health.

“2020 was a tough year with lots of challenges for everyone, but tough times sometimes afford innovation,” says Amanda King, CEO of Live Life Get Active.

“Our offering was restricted to parks and limited in reach. To be relevant to more people, no matter what was happening in the world, we needed to move to a comprehensive 24/7 online offering – one that provided variety in its support and face-to-face connection. The extra $40,000 will help us expand our library of on-demand and live fitness, wellness and nutrition sessions, while also supporting the launch of our new mental health program, My Positive Mind.”

About nib foundation

Through nib foundation, we’re helping people live healthier lives. By providing grants and other support to our partners, we help deliver innovative programs that make positive and lasting improvements to people’s health and wellbeing. We’ve committed over $21 million in funding to support 166 charity partners to deliver innovative programs that tackle important health issues. Learn more about nib foundation.

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