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2015 premium and health cover changes

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UPDATE: Please see our 2016 Premium and Health Cover changes information

Like all health funds in Australia, every year we review our range of health covers to ensure that we continue to provide the benefits our customers need at prices that deliver value for money. Following this process, we apply to the Federal Minister for Health to review our premiums.

On Friday 27 February 2015, we received approval from the Federal Minister for Health to change our premiums effective 1 April 2015. All health funds in Australia are required to follow this process and review their premiums and cover at this time of the year so these changes will affect everybody.

These changes are necessary to keep pace with increasing healthcare costs. In financial year 2014 we returned almost 88 cents for every dollar received in premiums. This represents more than $1.2 billion in claims, state levies and compulsory payments to the government's risk equalisation scheme - 11.9% more than the previous year.

When will I receive my Premium and Health Cover notification?

On Friday 27 February 2015, we received approval from the Federal Minister for Health to change our premiums. We are now working towards sending notification of these changes to you as soon as possible. Notification will be sent by your preferred method of correspondence (email or mail).

I want to review my Health Cover

As your life changes so do your health cover needs. We encourage customers to review their health cover at least every two years to ensure it meets their current needs.

There are a number of ways to contact us to receive a free review of your health cover. Please be aware at this time of year there may be longer than usual wait times to contact us.

Improving customer service

We are constantly seeking new and better ways to improve our service to you. Some of the highlights from this year include:

  • Enhancing Online Services so you can better manage your nib health cover from your smartphone and online.
  • Introducing photo claiming technology to the nib smartphone App and Online Services.
  • Improving our customer service, as a result we have achieved our highest customer loyalty rating ever.

Find out more about these and other improvements here.

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