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How do I make a claim online?

You might need to make a claim if you've gone to the hospital, been transported in an emergency ambulance, used a service from your Extras cover, or if you’re an international member, for services such as seeing a General Practitioner. 

There are a few ways you can do this, depending on the service and your chosen health provider. Here’s an easy guide.

Claim by scanning your nib card 

If your provider has a point of sale terminal, you can scan your nib card after your appointment, and the system will instantly calculate the amount we can pay, you just pay the gap. If you’re an Apple or Android user, you can scan your digital nib card

Learn how to add your nib card to your digital wallet.

Getting started with online claiming

You'll need a copy of your receipt of any claims made online or through the nib App. Make sure it’s an official receipt that includes on letterhead or with the provider's official stamp: 

  • The provider’s name, address and contact details 

  • The patient’s full name 

  • The date of appointment 

  • The description of service and/or item number 

  • The amount charged 

Get paid faster

Make sure you have your bank account details listed on your policy so we can pay the claim straight into your nominated account. You can update your bank account details online in your member account or through the nib App

How to claim using the nib App

Need to make a claim on the go? With the nib app, everything you need is in the palm of your hand! Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, the nib app means that making a claim has never been easier.

What you need: Your smartphone or tablet and your receipt.

  1. Open the nib App and tap on the ‘Claims’ tab 

  2. Tap the button ‘Make a claim.’ This will prompt the claiming checklist to appear. After you’ve read the checklist, select ‘I understand’ 

  3. Select a claiming category from the list. A claiming category corresponds to the specific type of service or treatment you received. If 'Gym' or 'Medical' are selected, proceed by selecting ‘Start claim’ or select ‘Learn more’ to read about how to claim for that category as additional information and supporting documents may be required for these claim types. 

  4. You’ll be prompted to upload a copy of your receipt. You can do this in a few different ways. Read 'How to upload a copy of your receipt'.

  5. Tap ‘Next’ to go to the claim summary or ‘Cancel’ to exit out of claiming. 

  6. Once you arrive at the summary screen you can: 

    • Delete a claim 

    • Exit out of claiming by selecting ‘Cancel’  

    • Add another claim by selecting ‘Add a claim’ on top right of your screen. This will take you back to step three. 

    • Review the Claiming Checklist or Claims Terms & Conditions 

  7. Tap ‘Submit’ to submit your claim.

  8. Once you arrive at the summary screen, you will see a 'Claim submitted' screen. Select ‘Done’ to finish the claiming process and we’ll do the rest!

How to make a claim in your nib member account

What you need: Your computer and your receipt.

  1. Log in to your member account 

  2. Select ‘Claim now’ 

  3. Make sure you read the checklist before you begin your claims process. Once you’re ready to start, select ‘Claim now’ 

  4. Select your claims category. A claims category corresponds to the specific type of service or treatment you received. For Medical claims, visit our Hospital Claiming page to be guided through this process. If you’re claiming gym, check your Health Management Program is active. 

  5. Upload a copy of your receipt. Read 'How to upload a copy of your receipt'. When you are satisfied that you’ve uploaded the correct documents, select ‘Next’ to continue. You can upload multiple files at once however all files must belong to the same claim/category. For multiple claims, submission of multiple claims is required. Select ‘remove from claim’ at any time to go back to the claims category screen. 

  6. Review your claim. From here you can:

    • Click ‘Edit claim’ to upload different documents

    • ‘Remove from claim’ to go back to the claims category screen if you need to make changes.

    • Read the Claims Policy and Claims Terms & Conditions.

  7. Once you’ve reviewed your claim select ‘Submit claim’ and we’ll do the rest!

  8. We’ll pay you directly. You can choose to pay the provider before or after receiving payment. 

How to upload a copy of your receipt

We've developed several options for uploading your receipt, so you can choose the method that best suits your preferences.

Upload your receipt through the nib App

Upload your receipt online in your member account

If you have any questions or need support making a claim online, contact us anytime and we can help.

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