nib cards

nib cards are sent to policyholders shortly after joining nib. Your nib card displays your name and customer number. If any details on your card are incorrect, please contact us.

Take your nib card with you to claim at an nib Retail Centre, or via nib point of service claiming.

Additional nib cards

An nib card will be given to both you and your partner (for couples and family policies). You can request additional cards for anyone listed on your policy.

If you lose your nib card

You can order a new card using nib Online Services, or call us on 13 16 42.

By using your nib card, you agree:

  • To be bound by the by-laws and rules of nib, including any changes we make to these rules in the future
  • To tell us if any information on your card is incorrect
  • To show additional ID if requested by a provider
  • To use your card to claim for services used to treat a customer listed on your card
  • To tell us if you are claiming for treatment where you can claim for any compensation from another party (e.g. workers’ compensation, third party insurance)
  • That your nib card does not confirm that you are a financial customer
  • That your customer details must be confirmed by nib before we can pay any claims
  • To let nib share information with other people listed on the nib policy. This means we may make other customers aware, for example, of some benefits and services claimed on the policy

More important information about your card:

  • Your card is not transferable
  • Don’t leave your card with any provider or other party
  • Your card is the property of nib – you must return it if asked
  • You must return or destroy your card if your nib policy is cancelled
  • You must tell us immediately if you lose your card or if it is stolen