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How to choose glasses for your face shape

We asked the experts for info on finding your perfect fit

A couple wearing glasses laugh as they walk along the sidewalk
A couple wearing glasses laugh as they walk along the sidewalk

When choosing a new pair of glasses, obviously the most important thing is ensuring you’ve got the right prescription; but coming in at a close second is finding a pair of glasses that suit your face shape and make you look a million dollars (or spec-tacular at the very least).

So we partnered with the experts at nib Eye Care to get all the insider info on finding your perfect fit.

The first step is to get familiar with your face shape. It’s as easy as looking in the mirror (ladies with long hair, it is best if you tie it back) and take note of your brow, cheekbones and chin. Then, follow this handy guide:

Round Face Shape

You’ve got a round face shape if you have full cheeks, a rounded chin and your face is equal in length as it is in width.

  • What to wear: Square or strong, angular frame shapes

  • What to avoid: Small and short frames, Rimless glasses

  • Celebrities with round faces: Miranda Kerr, Chrissy Teigan and Leonardo Dicaprio

  • We suggest: Giorgio Valmassoi 926 CO2M, $369

A close-up of black-framed glasses

Square Face Shape

You’ve got a square face shape if you have wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead.

  • What to wear: Round or oval shaped frames. Dark and bold coloured glasses

  • What to avoid: Geometric and square shapes and light coloured frames

  • Celebrities with square faces: Lucy Liu, Ben Affleck and Rihanna

  • We suggest: Gigi Barcelona 6264/1 Shoreditch $369

A close-up of tortoiseshell-framed glasses

Oval Face Shape

You’ve got balanced features and high cheekbones. Your chin is more narrow than your forehead.

  • What to wear: Geometric shaped glasses that are wider than the broadest part of your face

  • What to avoid: Oversized frames and shapes

  • Celebrities with oval faces: Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and George Clooney

  • We suggest: Gigi Barcelona 7013/1 Future, $349

A close-up of black and tortoiseshell-framed glasses

Heart Face Shape

You have a broad forehead with a pointed narrow chin and high cheekbones. You’re also the ideal candidate for glasses – pretty much any style will suit you!

  • What to wear: Oval and round shaped glasses; Cat’s Eye shape works well.

  • What to avoid: Top heavy styles, dark frames

  • Celebrities with heart-shaped faces: Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Gosling and Nicole Richie

  • We suggest: Level 28 Black LV1104 4032, from $249

Close up of minimal framed glasses

The key to finding the right pair of glasses is to remember that opposites attract; so select glasses that contrast and balance the prominent features of your face.

It’s not only the shape of your face that you need to consider when picking frames, but also the colour of your new specs.

Warm or cool skin toned?

First, identify whether you’re warm or cool skin toned. The easiest way to tell is to roll up your sleeves and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they’re blue, you probably have cool undertones; whereas if they’re a green colour, you’re probably warm.

For warm skin tones, look for soft, warm colours to complement your complexion - bronze, honey, brown, yellow or gold will work well. Steer clear of pastels and harsh whites and blacks.

For cool skin tones, consider being a bit bold in your colour choices and reach for bright reds, blues and purples. Black, silver and white also work well with this skin tone, but be wary of any colour choice that will wash you out.

Ready for your new pair of specs? nib has a number of eye care centres1 across Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra which provide 100% back2 on a selection of contact lenses and single vision prescription glasses if your policy includes extras benefits.

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2The glasses featured throughout this article are not part of the 100% back offer. The ability to claim 100% back on glasses or contact lenses from nib is dependent on your nib product, waiting periods, available annual limits and the availability of your particular prescription. 100% back on contact lenses is limited to selected contact lenses and a minimum of 4 boxes. Check your cover by calling 13 14 63 or visit nib Online Services.