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nib seeks to connect shareholders with unclaimed dividends

nib holdings limited (nib) is issuing a call to its shareholders to update their direct credit payment details with the ASX-listed health insurer trying to connect shareholders with millions of dollars in unclaimed dividends.

Currently, more than 11,500 nib shareholders have unclaimed dividends, equating to over $8 million. The Hunter region has the highest share of these outstanding payments with almost 20% of these shareholders based locally.

nib Managing Director, Mark Fitzgibbon, is encouraging Hunter-based nib shareholders to come forward and collect the dividends owing to them.

“We want all our shareholders to receive full value from their nib shareholding including dividends and special one-off payments, but unfortunately without up-to-date payment instructions we are unable to make these payments to shareholders,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

“To date, we have more than 2,000 shareholders from the Hunter region who have unclaimed dividends, with some shareholders having as much as $4,000 owing to them,” he added.

Since 2011 nib has undertaken several campaigns to re-connect shareholders with their unclaimed dividends including a targeted mailing, prompting shareholders who contact nib regarding their health cover policy that they have funds owing, regular dividend statement reminders, even SMS notifications.

“We are doing everything we can to remind these shareholders of the value they are yet to unlock from their nib shareholding as well as the obvious benefits from receiving a regular dividend stream,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

“Providing bank details is a really simple process that takes just a few minutes and can be done online or by telephoning our share registry. Shareholders will then receive all their unpaid dividends within a couple of days,” he added.

nib’s dividend payment policy is to pay dividends via direct credit only and not by cheque as it allows shareholders to access funds immediately, improves the security of dividend payments and generates savings that benefit all shareholders.

Shareholders can update their payment instructions by visiting or by telephoning the nib shareholding information line on 1300 664 316.

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