Fraud protection

What is fraud?

Fraud happens when a person receives a benefit payment they aren't entitled to, or uses false and/or misleading information to claim a benefit.

The problem is that it ends up costing everyone else, usually through increased premiums, and could use up your annual benefit limits. That's bad on both counts.

For example:

  • A health care provider might claim for services that weren't performed or necessary.
  • An nib customer might let people who are not listed on their policy claim for benefits or send in false receipts to make a claim.

What you can do

  • Never leave your nib card with a provider - treat it like a credit card
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling us on 13 16 42
  • Get a receipt for all electronic claims (like HICAPS or IBA)

Before each service, check that the:

  • Provider is an nib recognised provider (if unsure call 13 16 42)
  • Provider is qualified (if unsure ask to see certificate of qualifications)

Always check your receipt. Make sure the:

  • Name of patient and date of birth is correct
  • Name of provider is the provider who treated you
  • Date of service is correct
  • Services and charges received match the receipt
  • Report any suspicious activity

    You can do this by contacting the Ancillary Provider Management Hotline on 1300 853 530 or
    emailing us.

    You can choose to remain anonymous. nib will support and protect the privacy of anyone who provides information.