Hospital & doctors' bills

Hospital bills

When you go to hospital you can expect at least 2 bills — one from the hospital, and the other from your doctors and/or specialist. The hospital usually sends the bill directly to nib, or you may receive the bill when you leave hospital.

It's important to understand that nib does not bill you for any part of your hospital stay.

If you do get a hospital bill

You may get a bill from the hospital for many different reasons:

  • The hospital hasn't confirmed if you are covered for the procedure
  • The hospital doesn't have an agreement with nib
  • You are within waiting periods for the procedure
  • The procedure is to treat a pre-existing condition
  • The procedure is excluded on your cover
  • You are an out-patient when you go to hospital or a day facility/surgery

If you're not sure why you have been billed, please contact us.

When you won't see a bill

In the instance where you've served the waiting periods for your hospital cover, your procedure is covered, the hospital has an agreement with nib and your doctors use the nib MediGap Scheme, all you'll need to pay is your hospital excess (if applicable).

Doctors' & specialists' bills

If you get sent any doctors' or specialists' bills, you'll need to claim from Medicare first. Then, bring the Medicare Statement of Benefits and any receipts or invoices to an nib Retail Centre, or send us your claim.

If you haven't paid the account, Medicare and nib will give you a cheque, made out to your doctor. Whatever remains unpaid from the account (i.e. what Medicare and nib didn't pay) is what you pay to your doctor.