Annual limits

With Extras, we put an annual limit on how much we’ll pay and/or the number of times you can claim for Extras, over a certain period of time. Most limits are for the calendar year. At the beginning of each year, your benefit limits are renewed allowing you to claim benefits again.

A higher level of cover gives you higher limits to claim from.

Browse through our health covers, or call us on 13 16 42 to check the annual benefit limits on your cover.

Time limits

We only pay for claims within 2 years of the date you had the service, so don’t delay.

Other limits

nib benefits are limited to one benefit per patient, per provider, per day. If a provider performs multiple services within one consultation (like remedial massage and acupuncture), the treatment that attracts the higher benefit will be paid. Where multiple services are performed on the same day at different times by the same provider (e.g. a morning visit followed by an afternoon visit) then only one visit or service is payable.